How do you get to Alki Beach ferry?

TAKE THE WEST WATER TAXI TO SALTY’S ON ALKI BEACH If you’re in downtown Seattle, you want to take a ferry ride across Elliott Bay on the West Seattle Water Taxi. It whisks you across the bay to within steps of Salty’s and the beach. Just head to Pier 50 on the waterfront and hop on the ferry.

How long is the Water Taxi to West Seattle?

With a cruising speed of 28 knots, she crosses between West Seattle and downtown Seattle in about 10 minutes.

Is the Water Taxi free in Seattle?

The open secret in West Seattle’s Junction and Alki areas is that the Water Taxi provides free shuttles to connect riders to the dock for your quick cruise across Elliott Bay.

What is a Water Taxi in Seattle?

The King County Water Taxis run daily and connects between 149 and 278 people to Vashon Island, West Seattle, and terminal at Pier 50 on the downtown Seattle waterfront. The Water Taxi accommodates bicycles, strollers, and luggage.

Is Alki Beach worth visiting?

Wonderful fun spot in a big city. Bike trail, dogs, good restaurants, beach volleyball. Beside the water with views of the mountains and passing ships. Very relaxing place.

Where does King County water taxi go?

The King County Water Taxi is a passenger-only fast ferry service operated by the King County Metro Transit Department, Marine Division. It operates two routes between Downtown Seattle and West Seattle or Vashon Island.

How long is the Vashon Water Taxi ride?

approximately 22 minutes
Crossing time is approximately 22 minutes.

Does Alki Beach have sand?

Unlike many Northwest beaches, it actually has sand so you can spread out a beach towel and relax, have a picnic or build a sandcastle. Like most Northwest beaches, expect tidepools and driftwood and seaweed — all of which make tidepooling a worthwhile activity.

How fast is Seattle Water Taxi?

about 10-15 mins
I live in West Seattle and commute from downtown on the water taxi. The trip is fast (only about 10-15 mins), efficient and makes my day more fun.

Where do you catch the ferry to Vashon Island?

Vashon Town is located just five miles south of the north end ferry terminal, which services Fauntleroy (West Seattle) and Southworth (Port Orchard) travelers. The south end ferry dock is a lovely 10-mile drive to town arriving from Pt. Defiance (Tacoma).

Can you get to Vashon Island without taking a ferry?

You can get to Vashon Island via boat, airplane/helicopter, or swimming (not recommended). Most people travel to Vashon via the ferries that depart from three different locations. One from the South end (Tacoma) of the island and the other three from the Northend (West Seattle, Downtown Seattle and Port Orchard) .

What is Alki Point?

Alki is the peninsular neighborhood on Alki Point. Alki was the original settlement in what was to become the city of Seattle. It was part of the city of West Seattle from 1902 until that city’s annexation by Seattle in 1907.

Can you swim at Alki Point?

Alki Beach is the principal tourist attraction at Alki Point. It features sand, saltwater, bungalows, and unique local restaurants. It is generally not a popular swimming beach, owing to the cold waters of Puget Sound. It offers stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle from all points.

When was the Alki Point Lighthouse built?

The Alki Point Lighthouse dates from 1913, replacing the United States Lighthouse Service ‘s post light from 1887 and Hanson’s lantern-on-a-post from the mid-1870s. From 1925 to 1936, a ferry route across Puget Sound connected Alki Point with Manchester, Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Where is Alki Seattle?

Alki was the original settlement in what was to become the city of Seattle. It was part of the city of West Seattle from 1902 until that city’s annexation by Seattle in 1907. The Alki neighborhood extends along the shore from the point, both southeast and northeast.

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