How do you compare positive and negative numbers?

We can compare two different numbers by looking at their positions on the number line. For any two different places on the number line, the number on the right is greater than the number on the left. Note that every positive number is greater than any negative number.

What are the different ways to compare numbers?

Comparing Numbers

= When two values are equal, we use the “equals” sign example: 2+2 = 4
< When one value is smaller than another, we can use a “less than” sign. example: 3 < 5
> When one value is bigger than another, we can use a “greater than” sign example: 9 > 6

What are the rules for comparing integers?

An integer is less than another integer if it is located to the left of the other integer on the number line. An integer is greater than another integer if it is located to the right of the other integer on the number line. An integer is equal to another integer if it is exactly the same.

What is the integer game?

The Integer Game is a card game used throughout Grade 7 Module 2 to help students develop a conceptual understanding of integer operations. Game-play and rules can be adapted to meet the needs of a specific lesson objective or topic standard.

What is a quick way to compare numbers?

The easiest way to compare numbers is to draw a number line and mark the numbers you want to compare on it. On the number line, the value of the number is increasing from left to the right.

How do you explain comparison numbers?

Comparison of Numbers is the process that defines the similar properties between two numbers and identifies the number that is greater than, smaller than, or equal to another number.

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