How do you check audio logs in BioShock?

BioShock 2 Press and hold _ to play the last diary you picked up. You can access a full list of diary messages from the _ menu, from which you can play back diaries that you’ve previously acquired.

How do you get Fontaine Must Go diary?

The Fontaine Must Go Audio diary can be found after you receive the Grenade Launcher. Head toward the Upper Wharf and when you see ground that’s destroyed, drop down through the hole. Crouch and crawl under this area to reach this audio diary sitting on the ground.

How many audio diaries are in Ryan Amusements?

There are 129 of them in total, which means tracking them all down yourself can become a real slog, and that’s why we put together this guide to every one of the BioShock 2 audio diary locations so you can get the full story.

How many audio diaries are there in BioShock 1?

In total, there are 122 obtainable Audio Diaries in BioShock. Finding all of them in a single playthrough (with the exception of the ones removed from the game) will unlock the Historian achievement/trophy.

How many BioShock diaries are there?

There are a total of 122 audio diaries in BioShock Remastered. Collecting every one will unlock the Historian achievement.

Where is Neptune’s Bounty BioShock?

the Medical Pavilion
Neptune’s Bounty (occasionally referred to as Port Neptune) is the third level of BioShock. Jack reaches Neptune’s Bounty by the emergency Bathysphere docked at the Medical Pavilion.

What weapon should I upgrade in BioShock?

The shotgun is the best weapon of Bioshock and the most consistent one throughout the whole series. Holding it in Bioshock means nobody will survive. It has excellent upgrades, stopping power, and functional ammo capacity.

Where is the last little sister in Neptunes bounty?

the Upper Wharf
In the PS3 “Greatest Hits” version of the game, the Little Sister (and her Rosie) in the Upper Wharf of Neptune’s Bounty will respawn in the same area.

How do you open the gate in Upper Wharf?

Go north, using your wrench to bust a lock to a gate so you can continue into a secured area. Just around the corner from the vending machine is a security camera overlooking the stairs to the right. Shoot it out before going upstairs, and then listen for a second camera just ahead.

What are BioShock audio diaries?

Audio Diaries are the main narrative device of the BioShock series. They were recorded by the citizens of Rapture, either as notes for themselves or as messages for other residents.

How many diaries do you get in BioShock?

When the player picks up an Audio Diary, he or she can usually choose to play its message, however, a handful of plot-crucial diaries throughout the games play automatically as soon as they are picked up. In total, there are 122 obtainable Audio Diaries in BioShock.

Are there audio logs in BioShock?

For the audio logs made in Columbia, see Voxophone. “Recording the thoughts and lives of Rapture citizens for five years and counting.” Audio Diaries (or Audio Logs) are the main narrative device in BioShock, BioShock 2, and Burial at Sea.

What is BioShock and how does it work?

Bioshock is a first-person action RPG set in the late 1940s after World War II. Players find themselves trapped in a utopia gone wrong, and must genetically enhance themselves to survive.

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