How do I know which car is Business Class on Amtrak?

  1. The Business class car is the last car on the train and includes seats that are rotated to be forward-facing. Seats at the conference tables do not rotate, so may be rear-facing during the trip.
  2. The Business class car on the Vermonter is adjacent to the Café Car.

Is it worth getting Business Class on Amtrak?

From a price standpoint the upgrade to Amtrak Business Class from Coach Class is not worth the cost. While you do get free drinks, the extra legroom is really meaningless as there is plenty of legroom already in Coach Class. Additionally, often times there is not extra legroom, it is just the same as Coach Class.

What is the difference in Business Class on Amtrak?

Coach class offers basic accommodations with comfortable reclining seats, tray tables and overhead reading lights. Amtrak business class seats are cushier with headrests, adjustable footrests, more legroom, tray tables and electrical outlets for laptops or DVD players. Seats usually face forward.

What is Business Class on Amtrak mean?

Enjoy the exclusive amenities that come with traveling in Business Class — an affordable, enhanced experience offered on many of our trains across the country. While the specific features vary by train, many include extra legroom and complimentary non-alcoholic drinks.

Is Business Class on Amtrak quiet?

Business class is usually located at one end of the train or the other. Most often, it is at the rear of the train, farthest from the engine, for the quietest ride.

Is there food on Amtrak business class?

Yes, the onboard Market Café (located in Car 3, between Business Class and Unreserved Coach cars) offers a variety of snacks, sweets, light meals and beverages, including wine and craft beers. Many products are locally sourced from along the Pacific Surfliner route. Visit our Market Café page to learn more.

Do you get free drinks in Amtrak Business Class?

With your ticket, you receive an unlimited amount of complimentary non-alcoholic drinks throughout your journey. To receive these drinks, you must visit the Cafe Car, which is usually located in the center of the train.

Can I carry pepper spray on Amtrak?

Can I bring bear spray on Amtrak?? There is no such thing as mace or anything like it. It might be better to pick some up when you arrive at your destination.

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