How do I connect my iPhone to my Bose SoundDock 10?

Turn on the Bluetooth feature in your music phone. For details on using this feature, refer to the owner’s guide for your phone. 5. In the list of found Bluetooth devices, find “Bose SoundDock 10” and select it.

Does Bose SoundDock have Bluetooth?

The Bose SoundDock 10 Bluetooth Digital Music System is a compact speaker system that includes a Bluetooth dock for wireless streaming and an iPod/iPhone dock as well. It provides lifelike music thanks to the Waveguide audio technology.

How do I connect my old Bose radio to my iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to the Bose Wave Radio with the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Kit for Bose Wave Radio. Connect the Duo using the RCA cable. Use an RCA to 3.5 mm cable to connect the Duo to your stereo. Use the battery in the Duo.

How do I turn on my Bose SoundDock 10 without the remote?

You can turn on your SoundDock 10 system in any of the following three ways: Dock a device. Press any key except OFF on the Bose® remote. Press any key on the docked device.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Bose radio?

Press and hold down the Presets 5 button for 5 seconds. The indicator on the music adapter flashes steadily and DISCOVERABLE flashes on the Wave® system display panel. Turn on your phone, tablet computer, or other device and locate its Bluetooth device list. Scroll through the device list and select “Bose Adapter”.

How do I turn on my Bose SoundDock 10?

How do I make my Bose radio Bluetooth?

Connecting the Bluetooth adapter

  1. Connect the adapter to the Bose link jack on the back of the Acoustic Wave system. Tip: On the connector, face the words Bose link upward to align it properly.
  2. Place the adapter near your system; it does not need to be visible.
  3. If needed, connect the power supply to the adapter:

How do I play music from my iPhone to my Bose SoundTouch?

Solution 1. Stream Apple Music to SoundTouch Via Bluetooth

  1. Make sure you download the SoundTouch app on your phone.
  2. Go “Settings” > “Speaker Settings” and choose your SoundTouch system to view the system details screen.
  3. After your phone paired to SoundTouch, you can stream Apple Music on your phone to SoundTouch.

How do I pair my Bose radio to my phone?

How do you hook up a Bose speaker to your iPhone?

You might be wondering how to connect your Apple iPhone to the Bose speaker. All newer Bose speakers come with the same Bluetooth settings….Connect Speaker with Bluetooth

  1. Turn on the speaker.
  2. Activate the Speaker’s Bluetooth.
  3. Open the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.
  4. Search for Bose Speaker.
  5. Connect iPhone to Speaker.
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