How do I change my IBM mainframe password?

To change your password or passphrase, complete the following steps: In the z/OSMF banner area, click your user ID….Procedure

  1. In the Current password field, enter your current z/OS password.
  2. In the New password field, enter a new z/OS password.
  3. In the Confirm password field, retype your new z/OS password.

What is an RACF ID?

A RACF (Resource Access Control Facility) ID (identifier) is the ID used to access the Judicial Information System (JIS) Mainframe and Web applications and the Inside Courts Web site.

What is numeric value in password?

The Requirement for Numeric Character in Passwords (QPWDRQDDGT) system value controls whether a numeric character is required in a new password. This value provides additional security by preventing users from using all alphabetic characters.

How do I get a RACF ID?

All RACF ID credentials are managed by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC); therefore, all requests to add, update, or change an ID must be made through the Site Coordinator at your court via Customer Services at the AOC.

What is RACF profile?

In RACF®, a profile describes the security characteristics of a user, a group of users, or one or more computer resources. User profiles. A user profile is a description of a RACF-defined user.

What is RACF User ID?

RACF uses a user ID and a system-encrypted password to perform its user identification and verification. The user ID identifies the person to the system as a RACF user. The password verifies the user’s identity.

What are RACF groups?

A group is a RACF entity with which any number of users are associated. Usually, the users in a group have some logical relationship to one another. The relationship used most frequently is members of a department. Many installations pattern their group-user structure after their organization charts.

What is a RACF account?

Resource Access Control Facility or RACF provides the tools to manage user access to critical resources. RACF is an add-on software product that provides basic security for a mainframe system (examples of other security software packages include ACF2 and Top Secret, both from Computer Associates).

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