Does RealPage own propertyware?

(November 10, 2009) — RealPage Inc., a leading provider of on-demand software and services to the multifamily industry, today announced the acquisition of Propertyware, enabling RealPage to better serve its multifamily clients with mixed portfolios that include smaller, centrally-managed apartment communities.

What is App propertyware?

The Propertyware® Application Portal seamlessly bridges the listing, application and screening processes, increases actionable leads, reduces abandoned and incomplete applications, and decreases vacancy time. And with eSignature you can also upload documents on the application.

Does propertyware have an app?

Centralize maintenance information, and keep it within reach anywhere, anytime with the proprietary Propertyware Mobile App for iOS® and Android®.

How many customers does Yardi Breeze have?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 8, 2019 – Yardi® Breeze, refreshingly simple software for smaller real estate portfolios, has rapidly gained traction as an easy-to-use property management solution. With more than 1,000 clients on board, Yardi Breeze is now available in Canada.

Is Yardi a private company?

It’s evolved into an award-winning technology corporation with clients worldwide, but the company is still privately-owned and passionate about technology and great customer service.

Is Yardi trustworthy?

This is definitely a scam. This website needs to be shut down.

Is Yardi privately owned?

Does Yardi work with QuickBooks?

Yardi Breeze However, it doesn’t offer a QuickBooks integration of any kind. No matter how easy the software is to use in general, without integration with QuickBooks, you’ll either have to manually enter information between the tools or constantly switch back and forth to reference information.

What company is RentCafe?

RentCafe Company Overview RentCafe is a Yardi Systems service. Yardi is committed to serving consumers, real estate and property management professionals with the same integrity and vision that has helped it become the leader in real estate and property management industry since 1984.

Is Yardi expensive?

The minimum monthly charge for Yardi Breeze is $100 per month for residential portfolios and associations, or $200 per month minimum charge for commercial or mixed portfolios. The minimum for Breeze Premier is $400 per month….Yardi Breeze Pricing.

Name Price Features
Self Storage & Manufactured Housing $ Call for Breeze Premier pricing.

What is Yardi Payment Processing?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., October 6, 2016 — Yardi announced the addition of Yardi® Bill Pay to Yardi Payment Processing™, a payment processing solution for property management that makes it possible to process payments for accounts receivable and accounts payable as part of the Yardi Voyager® property management and …

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