Does Buckle make good jeans?

Although some things can be a little pricey, the jean quality is phenomenal. I think Buckle has super cute stuff, but everything is way over-priced and I can get the same quality jeans that are just as cute at Maurices and they fit way cute on me.

What is BKE brand?

1991 – Brass Buckle changed its name to The Buckle, Inc. and began development of private clothing label, bkle, known today as BKE.

Is the Buckle popular?

Buckle operates over 449 retail stores in 42 states and has grown to become one of America’s favorite denim destinations while staying true to its mission: to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests.

Do Buckle jeans last?

It will wear like your favorite jeans, with each abrasion continuing to wear over time. You will love the comfort of this denim that has the look and feel of years of wear.

What size is 30 in Buckle jeans?

Jeans – Numeric Sizes

Size Waist
29 29
30 30
31 31
32 32

Can a man wear womens jeans?

Yes. Read more below. There’s been a rise and rise of men wearing women’s jeans, in fact it’s been so much of a trend that a lot of menswear brands and clothing labels have picked up on this and started doing slimmer and slimmer fitting jeans.

What does BKE stand for?


Acronym Definition
BKE Bilateral Key Exchange
BKE Butterworth-Kulim Expressway
BKE Birdman Kustom Electronics (Forney, TX)
BKE Brian King Engineering (Ireland)

Who manufactures BKE jeans?

Buckle’s private label brand, BKE, accounts for 45% of denim sales. Buckle reaches operations of 400 stores in 41 states, with annual sales reaching $898,287,000. Buckle completes construction of its new, 240,000 sq.

Who are buckles target audience?

Buckle’s target audience is young adults, around college age, that are fashion conscious with brand name and private label apparel that consists of medium to better priced denim, the BKE brand being very popular, casual tops, bottoms, footwear, sportswear, accessories, and outerwear according to Mergent Online.

What age range is Buckle for?

We define our target customer as 15 to 30, but our wide selection of brands, styles, fits, and price points has enabled us to stretch those numbers and attract a growing base of guests above the target age range; which I believe has been a key component of our recent growth and has enabled many of our stores to attract …

Do Buckle jeans shrink?

stylish but must get the right fit Have to get a size larger in the waist. I wear a 32 normally had to move up to a 33 for a more comfortable fit. Do not dry in the dryer air dry only. Jeans will tighten up and shrink if dried in dryer.

What size is 36 in Buckle jeans?

Jeans – Numeric Sizes

Size Waist
32 32
33 33
34 34
36 36

What size is a 38 in Buckle jeans?

Jeans and Pants

Size Waist
34 34
36 36
38 38
40 40

What does BKE stand for Singapore?

Bukit Timah Expressway
Central Expressway (CTE) Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) Two exceptions to this naming system are the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE). The Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway originated as two separate expressways in the Kallang and Paya Lebar areas.

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