Do you have to renew your LLC Every year in Arizona?

Unlike most other states, Arizona does not require LLCs to file annual reports.

Are annual reports required in Arizona?

The state of Arizona requires all Arizona corporations, nonprofits, LPs, LLPs, and LLLPs to file an annual report each year. Arizona LLCs are not required to file an annual report. Corporations and nonprofits file their Arizona Annual Reports with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

How do I file my Arizona annual report online?

Submit the annual report electronically by logging into If you do not have any account, you will need to register for one.

Is there a yearly fee for LLC in Arizona?

The Articles of Organization can be filed by mail or online. The fees for both are the same: $50 for regular filing and $85 for expedited filing. The filing fee is a one-time fee. You don’t have to pay any monthly (or annual) fees to maintain your Arizona LLC.

How often do you need to renew your LLC in Arizona?

A: The license is valid for one calendar year, from January 1 through December 31, and businesses must renew annually by January 1. Even if you are licensed late in the year, you still must renew your license in January. Business owners must pay their renewal fees when they submit their renewal.

What is Arizona Corporation Commission Annual Report?

The Annual Report is used to confirm and update the company’s information with the Arizona Corporation Commission, such as: The name of the corporation. Name and address of the statutory agent. Address of its principal office.

Who has to file an Annual Report with the Arizona Corporation Commission?

All corporations registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission, whether for-profit or nonprofit, domestic or foreign, must file an Annual Report and a Certificate of Disclosure with the Arizona Corporation Commission each year on or before the corporation’s due date. See A.R.S. §§ 10-1622 and 10-11622.

Is Aztaxes Gov a real website?

The Arizona Department of Revenue (“ADOR”) has various internet websites, including and , to provide people with a convenient and efficient means to interact with ADOR without traveling to our offices.

How do I maintain an LLC in Arizona?

Our service is straightforward and simple.

  1. Complete the Articles of Organization. The Articles of Incorporation is a single document that is required to form an LLC in Arizona.
  2. Submit the Articles of Organization.
  3. Publish a Notice of Formation.
  4. Maintain Your LLC.

How often do I file taxes for my LLC?

Every LLC that is doing business or organized in California must pay an annual tax of $800. This yearly tax will be due, even if you are not conducting business, until you cancel your LLC. You have until the 15th day of the 4th month from the date you file with the SOS to pay your first-year annual tax.

How do I reinstate my corporation in Arizona?

Reinstating a corporation in Arizona requires filing a reinstatement application with the Arizona Corporation Commission – Corporations Division and may require payment of penalty fees.

Why would the Arizona Department of Revenue be calling me?

“This agency will never use unsolicited email, text messages, or any social media to discuss their personal tax information,” Greenberg said. “The Arizona Department of Revenue does not call to demand immediate payment or call about taxes owed without having initial communication with them through the mail.”

Does AZ tax military retirement?

Arizona Income Tax Exemption for Military Retired Pay: Beginning in tax year 2020, all military retired pay is exempt from Arizona income taxes.

Does an LLC expire in Arizona?

On April 10, 2018, Arizona Governor Ducey signed the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (ALLCA). ALLCA will apply to all Arizona LLCs formed after August 31, 2019; on August 31, 2020, Arizona’s current LLC law will expire, and ALLCA will apply to all Arizona LLCs, regardless of their date of formation.

How do I reactivate my LLC in Arizona?

To reinstate your Arizona LLC, there’s no reinstatement application to fill out. Instead, you’ll need to correct the problem that led to administrative dissolution, file the proper paperwork, and pay the $100 reinstatement fee.

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