Can you do the Tongariro Crossing in winter?

“The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is just fabulous in winter. This landscape is magnificent in all seasons, but especially when the peaks of our three volcanoes – Mt Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu – are covered in snow.

How difficult is the Tongariro Crossing?

How difficult is hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing? With a distance of 19.4 km or 12 miles, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing requires a moderate to good level of fitness and a fair amount of preparation to enjoy safely. So be prepared for a long and challenging day out.

What shoes for Tongariro Crossing?

Footwear – boots or shoes should be very solid with a firm sole and good tread. This track is very rocky. People often want to walk in running shoes. Some are fine as they are heavier and provide the necessary support and protection but many are too light and are meant more for the yoga studio than the mountains.

How do you prepare for a Tongariro Crossing?

Here’s a list of gear you need when hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing:

  1. A good quality WATER PROOF jacket (this is a critical must have no matter what the forecast)
  2. Plenty of warm layers – merino is much better than cotton.
  3. Sturdy footwear.
  4. Warm hat and gloves.
  5. Sun protection – sun hat and sun block.
  6. Food & Water.

What is the Tongariro Crossing like in winter?

The Tongariro Crossing in winter is cold, wet and windy. Even on a nice, sunny day, the weather is notoriously unpredictable and can turn very quickly. Your guide will make a decision on whether to attempt the crossing on the day, using the MetService weather forecast.

What is the weather like in Tongariro National Park?

The weather can change very quickly in the Tongariro National Park; the Tongariro Alpine Crossing track is totally exposed to the elements, sun, wind, rain and snow. You should always be prepared in the mountains, no matter what the forecast is for the day.

What should I bring to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing?

A good pair of sunglasses will help with the glare, especially if there’s snow on the ground, and of course, bring your camera to capture some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscape. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing isn’t exactly mountain climbing, but it’s not a walk in the park either.

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