Can you add music to cargo website?

You can host files like a PDF resume, a background image, an audio file, JS files, etc. The storage limit is 100 MB. To access it, edit one of your projects and click on the File icon in the formatting toolbar. Stored files can be placed into the Cargo audio or video player, or linked to elsewhere inside your website.

Who created cargo site?

Created by Folkert Gorter, Josh Pangell and Rene Daalder, the service enables users to publish a wide variety of visual content with ease, effectively dispensing with the need to build costly custom portfolio sites.

How can I post my music on my website?

Using your audio file, such as MP3 or WAV, upload your own music to your website.

  1. Access the web host that services your website and place your MP3 file in the same folder that contains your other web page files.
  2. Launch your text editor and place your cursor in the area on the page where you want your music to appear.

Who is the owner of cargo?

Cargo Owner means the owner of any goods and any bailor, bailee consignor shipper consignee or other respective agents in relation thereto (but shall not include the Port Authority).

Where was Malcom McLean from?

Maxton, North Carolina
McLean was born in Maxton, North Carolina in 1913. His first name was originally spelled Malcolm, though he used Malcom later in life. In 1935, when he finished high school at Winston-Salem, his family did not have enough money to send him to college, but there was enough for Malcolm to buy a used truck.

Is cargo Collective still free?

All Cargo sites are free to try or build. To make a site public simply choose a desired service option.

Who is BCO?

BCO is an acronym for Beneficial Cargo Owner. The BCO refers to the importer of record, who takes possession of cargo at the destination and does not act as a third party in the movement of the goods. A BCO contract specifies the carriage of freight by ocean through two primary channels: a direct or indirect channel.

What did Malcom McLean do?

Malcolm Purcell McLean (November 14, 1913 – May 25, 2001; later known as Malcom McLean) was an American businessman. He was a transport entrepreneur who developed the modern intermodal shipping container, which revolutionized transport and international trade in the second half of the twentieth century.

What happened to McLean trucking company?

Unfortunately, it was too far gone. In 1986, the company filed for bankruptcy, and approximately 10,000 people lost their jobs. At its largest, McLean operated approximately 3,800 tractors and 9,600 trailers out of its 300 terminals in 45 states.

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