Can I replace a fuse in my consumer unit?

The larger your home is, the higher capacity consumer unit or fuse box you will need. You may require an electrical inspection to ensure your wiring is safe. It is a legal requirement that only qualified electricians can replace fuse boxes or consumer units.

What size fuses are in a consumer unit?

A modern Consumer Unit Old style Fuse Box This is one of many characteristics that make a modern Consumer Unit highly recommended over the older style Fuse Box. Typical fuse or MCB ratings would be 5 or 6 Amp for lighting and 16, 20, 30 or 32 Amp for socket outlet circuits.

How do you know if a consumer unit fuse is blown?

First ensure the consumer unit is switched off. Then remove the fuse carrier containing the blown fuse. If you do not know which fuse has blown then test each individual fuse using a fuse tester. The fuses are usually held clamped in place by the surrounding plug and can be prised out using a screwdriver.

What replaced old style fuses?

Circuit Breakers
Circuit breakers replace ceramic fuses in modern electrical circuits.

Is an old fuse box safe?

Are Fuse Boxes Safe? There is nothing inherently unsafe about fuse boxes. However, fuse boxes are an old technology, and therefore all residential fuse boxes are old. Old electrical systems can be unsafe if they’re not well maintained.

What is a striker fuse?

Striker fuse: These fuses are provided with a spring-loaded striker that can act as a visual indicator that the fuse has blown and also activate other switchgear. Switch fuse: A handle that is manually operated can connect or disconnect high current fuses.

Do fuse boxes need to be metal?

This means made of metal! We have spent the last 50 years taking out metal fuse boxes because they are conductors of electricity. They have been replaced with plastic….Privacy Policy.

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Does my consumer unit need to be metal?

Do consumer units have to be metal? Since regulations changed in 2016, all domestic consumer units must be either enclosed in a non-combustible material or housed in a cabinet made from a non-combustible material.

Are old consumer units legal?

Are plastic consumer units legal? Yes. You can buy a brand new plastic consumer unit, so long as it’s housed in a non-combustible casing. Any old plastic consumer units are still legal too, they’ll just need new casing to make them meet regulations.

Do old fuse boxes need to be replaced?

No, old fuse boxes are not illegal. However, if you do have an old fuse box in your property please consider health and safety. It might not be compliant with current regulations and won’t have the latest RCD protection which could save your life. Consider upgrading it to a newer model.

Is my old fuse box illegal?

Is it illegal to have a plastic fuse box?

How long have Wylex fuse boards been around?

These CU’s have been around now in one form or another for around 60 years now, and was at the time head and shoulders above anything else that was available at the time. I would go as far as saying that these Wylex CU’s, account for around 95+% of all the old domestic rewireable fuse boards that an electrician will come across in his working life.

Can you change RCBO fuse from Wylex to MCB?

quick dilemma, bathroom fitter i work with just informed me that the quick rcbo changeover for a light in bathroom is an old metal wylex fuseboard… I have come across this situation a few times and need some advice . The old wylex boards with re-wirable fuses can be changed to Mcb’s really…

What kind of consumer units does Wylex use?

Consumer Units Enclosures Circuit Protection Bg Electrical Wylex New Style Metal Consumer Units Diynot Forums Wylex Dp Type 2 Surge Protection Device 40ka Spds Fix Com Wylex Wnm1772 18th Edition 8 Way High Integrity Consumer Unit C W Type 2 Spd Mcb

Do they still make Wylex rewireable cu’s?

Usually runs in lofts, etc but it’s usually knackered at the ends in lights, etc. Just a thought. I did think you were still able, as inspector, to pass it if it’s still functioning and in good demeanor. Wylex rewireable CU’s are still being produced and sold in most of the configurations they have always been.

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