Can I bring snacks on VIA Rail?

You can bring your own food on the train (as meals are not included in Economy class), however there are also snacks, meals, and beverages available to purchase on board with cash or credit.

How much do you tip on VIA Rail?

Tipping. Tipping and service charges vary between 10% and 15% for taxis, restaurants and nightclubs. Hotel and airport porters expect $1 per bag carried. On trains, you are free to tip your server in the dining car and the individual responsible for your room or berth in the sleeper car.

Is there security on VIA Rail?

Today, as the only intercity passenger rail police in Canada, VIA Rail Police and Corporate Security plays a key role in ensuring the safety and security of intercity passenger rail in Canada. VIA Rail Canada’s passenger rail network operates more than 514 trains per week and over 12,500 kilometres of track.

How strict is VIA Rail with luggage?

The standard checked baggage limit is 23 Kg, so you should be fine. If you’re over that (but still under 32 Kg), you can pay an overweight fee. The 18 Kg limit applies to carry-on baggage, with a $20 overweight charge for carry-on cases between 18 Kg and 23 Kg.

How much luggage can I bring on a train?

When you travel with us, you can carry-on two free pieces of luggage. Each item should not exceed 50 lbs. (23 kg) and needs to be 28 x 22 x 14 inches in size.

How much luggage can you take on VIA Rail?

Carry-on baggage Allowance 1 personal item Max. 11.5 kg (25 lb.)

Do bags get searched on trains?

If you’re traveling by train and a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent asks to search your bags, you have the right to refuse.

How strict is via rail with baggage?

Do you have to pay for luggage on train?

Excess Bags A $20 excess baggage fee will be charged for each carry-on and personal item above the quantity and size limits. A maximum of two excess bags are permitted per passenger. Fees will be collected at the station or onboard the train if the station is unstaffed.

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