Can Dan Castellaneta sing?

Castellaneta also did all the singing when Homer had become an opera singer, which is uncommon as professional singers will often “step in” to sing for animated characters. Guest Plácido Domingo had commented that Castellaneta’s opera singing had been remarkable.

How much does Dan Castellaneta make per episode?

Dan Castellaneta Castellaneta has also lent his voice-acting talent to Futurama, another animated show created by Matt Groening. However, Castellaneta’s biggest paycheck comes from The Simpsons show, which pays him $300,000 per episode. Per CelebrityNetWorth, Castellaneta is worth $60 million.

How much do Simpsons voice actors get paid?

In 2008, production for the twentieth season was put on hold due to new contract negotiations with the voice actors, who wanted a “healthy bump” in salary to an amount close to $500,000 per episode. The dispute was soon resolved, and the actors’ salary was raised to $400,000 per episode.

Why did they change Homer’s voice?

As for why the change was made, Castellaneta has said that doing the voice for long periods was becoming difficult for his throat to endure. Plus, as the character himself changed and developed, the gruff Matthau voice seemed less appropriate. The standard Homer voice is based on Castellaneta’s father.

Do The Simpsons pay guest stars?

Mike – who has worked on the series since its inception in the 80s, bar a few seasons off in the 90s – said: ‘We wrote a part for him on the show, then we thought, “Do we want to give Rush Limbaugh another $400?” That’s all we pay our guest stars.

Why is Carl’s voice different?

Carl Carlson, a black character who works alongside Homer in the nuclear power plant, used to be voiced by Azaria but was recast so that a black voice actor could play him, while Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, an Indian shopkeeper, also voiced by Azaria, was removed from the show entirely after some deemed the character to be …

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