Are Scouting fees tax-deductible?

On IRS Form 1040, “2019 Instructions for Schedule A” [PDF], the Boy Scouts of America is listed by name on page A-11 as a “qualified charitable organization,” so BSA expenses are eligible.

Are Cub Scout dues tax-deductible?

Some types of relevant contributions cannot be deducted: The value of your time. Scouting dues or membership fees.

Is Scouts BSA a 501 c 3?

501(c)(3)Boy Scouts of America / Tax deductibility code

Is Cub Scout popcorn tax deductible?

If you purchased popcorn from a Scout last year, you can deduct the amount above and beyond the actual value of the popcorn. For example, on a $10 purchased item you can deduct the “Return to Scouting” of 70% (or $7) on your taxes.

Are cookie shares tax deductible?

Your tax deductible donation of boxes of cookies is very much appreciated and brings smiles to so many. THANK YOU! Your tax deductible donation of boxes of cookies is very much appreciated and brings smiles to so many. THANK YOU!

Can you use GoFundMe for Eagle Scout projects?

Use GoFundMe to fund your Eagle projects All you need to do is tell your project’s story, describe your cause, set your goal, and share your new campaign with anyone anywhere. Learn more about our online fundraising services, or start your campaign right now and start raising funds for your brilliant project idea.

Are Girl Scout fees deductible?

No. The membership fee is not considered deductible but there are many expenses associated with Girl Scouts that are deductible.

How much can I deduct for Girl Scout cookies?

The short answer is NO. According to the GSA, the purchase of cookies is not a deductible contribution. While similar cookies could be purchased in a generic form for less, the GSA and IRS consider the purchase (brand name Girl Scout cookies) to be at fair market value. No deduction is available for this purchase.

Is buying Cub Scout popcorn tax deductible?

Is Scout’s BSA tax exempt?

Are Girl Scout cookie purchases deductible?

Cookie customers can opt to donate their purchased cookies through the Girl Scout Gift of Caring program. Purchases of cookies that are donated through this program are tax deductible.

Do Girl Scout cookies count as charity?

Yes! Girl Scouts may participate in a council-approved “Gift of Caring” or “Cookie Share” program that allows girls to collect donations of cookies for military personnel or local charities.

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