Will there be a season 6 and 7 of Outlander?

The bad news for Outlander fans? Season 6 of Diana Gabaldon’s time-traveling epic romance, which finally debuted in March 2022, was shortened to only eight episodes because of COVID-19. The good news: Season 7 will run for an extended season with 16 episodes—and filming on that season is now underway!

Is there a season 6 Coming of Outlander?

Outlander season 6 is now on Netflix in multiple regions around the world and will hit more regions over the next two years. Outlander has just wrapped up its sixth season on Starz and is available in full in select Netflix regions.

When can I watch season 6 of Outlander?

In the U.S., it’s going to take two years from the finale date, so we’re looking at May 1, 2024, as a release date. Watch Outlander with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels!

Will there be a season 8 9 and 10 Outlander?

A fan on Twitter asked if Outlander Seasons 8 and 9 were happening. It all came off the back of the announcement that Season 7 is now in production, which certainly makes all our hearts happy. The bad news is that there isn’t anything planned for an eighth season just yet.

How many episodes of season 8 of Outlander?

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
4 13 November 4, 2018
5 12 February 16, 2020
6 8 March 6, 2022

Will there be a series 8 of Outlander?

There has been some good news recently. Diana Gabaldon shared that talks between STARZ and Sony are underway for Outlander Season 8.

Will there be a book 10 of Outlander?

Book Ten (as yet untitled) will be the tenth major novel in my Outlander series of novels. It will follow GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, the ninth major novel featuring the story of Claire and Jamie, which was first published on November 23, 2021.

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