Why is pundalik considered as a half British film?

Some have argued that Pundalik does not deserve the honour of being called the first Indian film because it was a photographic recording of a popular Marathi play, and because the cameraman—a man named Johnson—was a British national and the film was processed in London.

What was the name of first Marathi film produced in India?

Shree Pundalik
The first Marathi film to be released in India was Shree Pundalik by Dadasaheb Torne on 18 May 1912 at Coronation Cinematograph, Mumbai.

Which is the first narrative feature film in India?

Raja Harishchandra was released on May 3, 1913. It is India’s first full-length feature film, and earned its pioneering director the title “Father of Indian Cinema”.

Which was the photographic record of the play presented by Dadasaheb Torne?

The work on Alam Ara was kept secret. Within a span of two months, history was created: on 14 March 1931, India’s first talkie, Alam Ara, was released in the Majestic Cinema Theater. There was an overwhelming response to Alam Ara.

Which is the first English movie in India?

It was 1898 when a film company came to India and showcased their film ‘The Flower of Persia’ in Calcutta. The screening was followed by the play ‘The Flower of Persia’.

What is the meaning of pundalik?

Pundalik (Marathi: पुंडलिक) or Pundarik is a central figure in the legends of the Hindu God Vithoba, generally considered a Vaishnava deity identified with the deities Vishnu and Krishna. He is credited to have brought Vithoba to Pandharpur, where Vithoba’s central shrine stands today.

What is the story of Pundalik?

Pundalik was one of the earliest Kundalini Yoga practitioners. As He was the master of Kundalini Yoga, people used to call him “Kundalik”. Later, after several years, Kundalik become Pundalik. He symbolised Kundalini energy in the form of Lord Vitthal also known as Lord Pandurang after his name Pundalik.

What is the story of vitthal?

Vithoba is the focus of an essentially monotheistic, non-ritualistic bhakti-driven Varkari faith of Maharashtra and the Haridasa faith of Karnataka. Vithoba Temple, Pandharpur is his main temple….Vithoba.

Vithoba Vitthala
Affiliation Form of Vishnu/ Krishna
Abode Pandharpur
Mantra Om vitthalaya namah
Weapon Chakra, Shankha

Who is highest-paid actress in Marathi?

According to e-Times, Shreyash Talpade and Swapnil Joshi are currently the highest-paid actors in the Marathi series. Marathi Serials shared this post on their official Instagram account. Shreyash Talpade charges Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000 for each episode while Swapnil Joshi earns Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000 per episode.

What is silver jubilee film?

In India and Pakistan, a silver jubilee film is commonly described as a movie shown continuously in cinemas in one city for 25 straight weeks without any interruptions.

Which is longest movie in Bollywood?


Title Running time Language
Mera Naam Joker 244 mins. (4h 4min) Hindi
Sangam 238 mins. (3h 58min) Hindi
Lagaan 224 mins. (3h 44min) Hindi
Khatarnaak 223 mins. (3h 43min) Hindi


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