Who won Australian Grand Prix 2005?

driver Giancarlo Fisichella
It was the first round of the 2005 Formula One season. The 58-lap race was won by Renault driver Giancarlo Fisichella after he started from pole position.

Why did Australia drop from F1?

The 11th-hour cancellation of the 2020 Australian Grand Prix was a decision nobody wanted to make, but one which was effectively forced upon race organisers and the FIA the moment McLaren withdrew from the event, following a team member returning a positive COVID-19 test.

Has an Australian ever won the F1?

World champions and race winners Two Australian drivers won the World Drivers’ Championship, Jack Brabham in 1959, 1960, and 1966, and Alan Jones in 1980. Brabham is the only driver to win the title in one of their own cars, a Brabham in 1966.

Who was the last person to be disqualified F1?

He holds the unusual accolade of being the only driver to be disqualified from a Formula One World Championship race due to being too slow….Al Pease.

Formula One World Championship career
Last entry 1969 Canadian Grand Prix

Is Alan Jones F1 driver still alive?

Alan Stanley Jones, MBE (born 2 November 1946) is an Australian former Formula One driver….Alan Jones (racing driver)

Formula One World Championship career
Nationality Australian
Active years 1975–1981, 1983, 1985–1986
Teams Hesketh (privateer) Hill, Surtees, Shadow, Williams, Arrows, Haas Lola
Entries 117 (116 starts)

Why did Hamilton not qualify?

Hamilton, disconsolate speaking to media afterwards, said a setup change was the reason for his lack of pace compared to team-mate George Russell – who qualified sixth – and was downbeat over his chances in Sunday’s race.

Has Lewis Hamilton won in Australia?

Four current drivers have won before in Melbourne and three are world champions: Lewis Hamilton (2008, 2015), Sebastian Vettel (2011, 2017, 2018) and Fernando Alonso (2006). The odd man out is Valtteri Bottas, winner for Mercedes in 2019.

Did Alan Jones win the Australian Grand Prix?

By winning the Australian Grand Prix, Alan Jones joined his father Stan Jones to become the first ever father and son to win the race.

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