Who played Ms Blankenship?

Randee Heller
Randee Heller (born Randee Antzis; June 10, 1947) is an American television and film actress known for playing Alice in the 1970s sitcom Soap – one of television’s first lesbian characters – as well as for portraying Lucille LaRusso in the films The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part III, and in the streaming series …

How old is Randee Heller?

75 years (June 10, 1947)Randee Heller / Age

Who played Mrs LaRusso?

Lucille LaRusso is the supportive yet traditional mother of Daniel LaRusso. She was a main character in the original Karate Kid trilogy and later appeared in the Cobra Kai web series. In all of the character’s appearances, she was portrayed by Randee Heller.

Who is Don’s secretary in Season 4?

Ida Blankenship (Randee Heller), Season 4 Following the sudden departure of Don’s secretary Allison, Joan gave Don the secretary he deserved, in more ways than one: Bert Cooper’s longtime assistant, Ida Blankenship.

Who is Don Draper’s secretary?

Margaret “Peggy” Olson is a fictional character and the female lead of the AMC television series Mad Men, and is portrayed by Elisabeth Moss. Initially, Peggy is secretary to Don Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper.

Who plays Ralph Macchio’s mom in Karate Kid?

The Mom in ‘Karate Kid’ ‘MEMBA HER?! Randee Heller is best known for playing the single mom Lucille — opposite Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso — in the ’80s martial arts movie “The Karate Kid.” Guess what she looks like now!

Did Don Draper sleep with his secretary?

On last week’s Mad Men, Don Draper, emotionally wrecked by his divorce, hit a new low: He slept with his secretary, Allison, and then coldly ignored her the next day.

How many secretaries did Don Draper of Mad Men have?

In six and a half seasons, Don has churned through nine secretaries (as tallied in a “Mad Men By the Numbers” video AMC released last week), who were often the victim of their boss’ womanizing ways.

Is Daniel LaRusso the same actor in Cobra Kai?

Ralph Macchio reprises his role as Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid trilogy in the Cobra Kai series.

What is Ralph Macchio’s ethnicity?

His father is of half Italian and half Greek descent, and his mother is of Italian ancestry. In a 1980 screen test, Macchio said his family was from Naples. In 1979, Macchio graduated from Half Hollow Hills Central School District in New York.

Are Macchio and zabka friends?

Zabka also shares his experience with PEOPLE, saying he and Macchio were friends while filming The Karate Kid as “two actors thrown together.”

What is wrong with Don Drapers wife?

When she sees her doctor, Betty is shocked to discover that her recent lightheadedness is a sign of aggressive, advanced lung cancer that has begun to spread throughout her body.

What is Mad Men about?

Created by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men was one of AMC’s prestige series that followed the lives and careers of Madison Avenue advertising executives throughout the 1960s.

Who is the real Don Draper on Mad Men?

Don Draper is really Richard “Dick” Whitman and he stole the identity of Lt. Don Draper (Troy Ruptash), who was killed in the Korean War. Posing as the injured-in-action Lt. Draper so he could escape the war, the “new” Don’s ruse was discovered by Lt. Draper’s widow, Anna (Melina Page Hamilton).

Who are the actors in the TV show Mad Men?

Robert Morse Bertram Cooper74 episodes, 2007-2015 Christopher Stanley Henry Francis54 episodes, 2009-2015 Jessica Paré Megan Draper/ 49 episodes, 2010-2015 Jay R. Ferguson Stan Rizzo46 episodes, 2010-2015 Michael Gladis

What happened to Don and Bobbie in Mad Men?

Don meets Bobbie after Jimmy upsets the owner of his sponsor, Utz Potato Chips, and their affair included getting in a car accident that required Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) to help out and let Bobbie stay with her. Don ended their Mad Men season 2 relationship when he learned Bobbie had been gossiping about his prowess in the bedroom.

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