Who makes a 204 Ruger AR 15?

204 Ruger AR15 Rifles | Wilson Combat.

Does Savage make a 204?

Stay prepared out in the field with the Savage Arms 110 Apex Predator XP 204 Ruger 20 in Centerfire Rifle. This bolt action firearm with a 4-round capacity features a synthetic sporter stock with a Mossy Oak Mountain Country matte finish and a dead-hold BDC reticle with a hashmark design.

How fast is the 204 Ruger?

Pushing the 32-grain bullets to a muzzle velocity of 4100 fps and the 40-grain bullets to 3900 fps, the . 204 Ruger is one of our fastest cartridges. And if you enjoy speed, look to Hornady’s Superformance load, featuring the 24-grain NTX (Non-Toxic eXpanding) bullet at a velocity of 4400 fps.

How flat shooting is a 204 Ruger?

204 Ruger Is Right On Target For Predator Hunting: Dead-flat shooter with a measly 28.1-inch drop at 500 yards.

Is Savage Axis XP a good rifle?

The Savage Axis XP makes for a great beginner or backup hunting rifle, but is quickly seeing competition catching up. At around $400 in Canada, and $350 in the US, they’re a very inexpensive rifle.

What kind of barrel does a Ruger 204 Ruger have?

Here we have a 204 Ruger with up graded stock LEFT HAND AR-15 upper in 204 RUGER. The 24″ bull barrel has a 1:12 twist and is stainless steel. I don’t take plastic, I take checks o… (read more) Custom 204 Ruger XP100 single shot action,22″ stainless heavy barrel,laminated target stock,nice condition,doesn’t look like it was shot much.

What is the best bore cleaner for a Ruger 204 rifle?

Factory New HOPPE’S BORE SNAKE gun bore cleaner for the .204 RUGER rifle caliber. Brushes & swabs bore in one quick pass, cleans in 10 seconds, light, compact, washable w/ no assem… (read more) The American Rifle has been a huge success for Ruger.

Are Ruger American rifles any good?

The American Rifle has been a huge success for Ruger. Like all Ruger products they offer excellent value-for-dollar and often perform equal to or better than guns two or three time… (read more) Up for sale is a lightly used Remington 700 ADL Rifle (.204 Ruger).

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