Who is Mr Mannering?

Captain George Mainwaring (/ˈmænərɪŋ/) is a fictional Home Guard captain, first portrayed by Arthur Lowe in the BBC television sitcom Dad’s Army. In the 2016 movie he is played by Toby Jones and in the 2019 remake of three missing episodes he is played by Kevin McNally.

What was Pike’s first name in Dad’s Army?

Private Frank Pike
Private Frank Pike is a fictional Home Guard private and junior bank clerk, first portrayed by actor Ian Lavender in the BBC television sitcom Dad’s Army. He was appointed as the platoon’s information officer by Captain Mainwaring in The Man and the Hour.

Is Dad’s Army popular in Germany?

How well is this TV series doing in Germany? Parrot Analytics has found that the audience demand for Dad’s Army is less than one tenth of the demand of the average TV series in Germany in the last 30 days. 64.1% of all shows in this market have this level of demand.

How old was Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army?

His acting career spanned 36 years, including starring roles in numerous theatre and television productions. He played Captain Mainwaring in the British sitcom Dad’s Army from 1968 until 1977, was nominated for seven BAFTAs and became one of the most recognised faces on UK television….

Arthur Lowe
Children 1

What is Captain Mainwaring’s wife called?

Elizabeth Mainwaring (unseen character) – Captain Mainwaring’s wife, never seen or heard directly; she “hasn’t left the house since Munich”. Her presence is mainly indicated by her telephone calls to her husband.

Was Wilson Pikes dad?

One of the lingering mysteries of Dad’s Army has been resolved after the actor who played Frank Pike confirmed that Sergeant Wilson, the young character’s “Uncle Arthur”, was actually his father.

Did Arthur Lowe have narcolepsy?

Declining health and later career. By the mid-1970s Lowe suffered from narcolepsy, which caused him to fall asleep during rehearsals, performances, and at other unintended times – sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Stephen Lowe said that although he was often mistaken for drunk, he very rarely was.

Why was Pike in the Home Guard?

The Home Guard pike was issued in early 1942 as the result of a note Winston Churchill wrote to the War Office in June 1941 ordering that “every man must have a weapon of some kind, be it only a mace or pike.”

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