Who is Michael in Damages?

Zachary Booth
Damages (TV Series 2007–2012) – Zachary Booth as Michael Hewes – IMDb.

What happens to Michael in Damages?

He was last seen on season 5 when he was shot and killed when he and Patty were in a custody battle over his daughter, Catherine Hewes.

Who is Michael Hewes father Damages?

Patricia “Patty” C. Hewes is a fictional character on the American legal thriller Damages, portrayed by Glenn Close.

Who is Michael’s girlfriend in Damages?

Jill Burnham
Jill Burnham was the girlfriend of Michael Hewes. She is the biological mother of Catherine Hewes.

Who is Ellen’s boyfriend in season 4 of Damages?

Three years after the death of Tom Shayes, Ellen Parsons has a new job and a new boyfriend. She now works for Nye, Everett & Polk but feels that the company does not respect her legal input. She begins an interest in Howard Erickson and his private military company, High Star Security.

Who is Wendy Moniz married to?

Frank Grillom. 2000–2020
David Birsnerm. 1991–1996
Wendy Moniz/Spouse

Where is Wendy Moniz from?

Kansas City, MOWendy Moniz / Place of birth

How old is Beth on Yellowstone in real life?

Reilly was born in Chessington on July 18, 1977, which means she is 44-years-old. The star was the daughter of a south London policeman and a hospital receptionist with people eager to know more about her family tree and parents.

Was Mexico Beach destroyed by Hurricane Michael?

Mexico Beach Florida has been destroyed by Hurricane Michael. Pleasepray for survivors and first responders, who just arrived on the ground to search for people.?? pic.twitter.com/w1DW6yyYDA

Why did the assassin kill Michael and Ellen?

The assassin kills Michael instead because Michael threatens to expose the assassin’s first attempt on Ellen’s life because Michael was there and saw him and Uncle Pete. Ellen goes missing (but she is simply in the hospital). It is assumed Patty is somehow involved and she is arrested.

What happened to Catherine Hewes after Michael Hewes died?

It is unclear what happened to Catherine Hewes after Michael’s death, but it can be assumed since Patty was her Legal Guardian that she raised Catherine alone.


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