Who are some famous athletes in France?

Top 10 Famous French Sportspeople

  • Kylian Mbappé Sourced from Wikimedia Commons.
  • Amélie Mauresmo. By Charlie Cowins on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Didier Deschamps. By Kirill Benedictov on Wikimedia Commons.
  • André the Giant. By John McKeon on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Jeannie Longo. By James F.
  • Yannick Noah.
  • Laure Manaudou.
  • Tony Parker.

What is the most famous sport in France?

Football is the most popular sport in France. The French national team won the World Cup in 1998 and also reached the final in 2006.

What are the 3 most popular sports in French?

The 10 Most Popular Sports in France

  • 1 – Football (2 200 000 members with 180 000 women members)
  • 2 – Tennis (1 000 000 members)
  • 3 – Horse Riding (670 000 members)
  • 4 – Basketball (600 000 members)
  • 5 – Judo-jujitsu (550 000 members)
  • 6 – Handball (510 000 members)
  • 8 – Golf (410 000 members)

Who is a famous French athlete?

Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Yazid Zidane is a former football star who played as an attacking midfielder. He is deemed one of the world’s greatest athletes. With millions of followers, he is definitely one of France’ most famous athletes on social media.

What’s France’s national sport?

Football has the maximum number of licensed players and is considered by many as the national game of France. However, cycling and tennis are also referred to as national games of France by some others.

Why is French Awesome?

Studies show that learning French improves standardized test scores, enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills, thus helping learners in other subjects like English, Math and Science. Since 2010, the numbers of those learning French as a foreign language is GOING UP! UP 6% on average around the world!

When was Paris named?

The history of Paris dates back to approximately 259 BC, with the Parisii, a Celtic tribe settled on the banks of the Seine. In 52 BC, the fishermen village was conquered by the Romans, founding a Gallo-Roman town called Lutetia. The city changed its name to Paris during the fourth century.

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