Who are Mudaliar caste?

Mudaliar, also spelled as Mudaliyar, Muthaliyar, Mudali, and Moodley, is a surname that is given to Thuluva Vellalars (Thondamandala Tuluva Vellalars), also known as Agamudaya Mudaliars and Arcot Mudaliars, a group of people found in northern Tamil Nadu, southern Andhra Pradesh, southern Karnataka, Sri Lankan Tamils …

Is mudaliar a Brahmin?

During the British period most of the key positions in the Government offices were occupied by the Tamil Brahmins and it was Brahmins who brought Mudaliars from Tamilnadu to help them in administration. Most of the Mudaliars living at present in Bangalore have come from Arcot District of Tamilnadu.

Is mudaliar a MBC or BC?

VIJAYAWADA: The State government has decided to add the title ‘Mudaliar’ in the first line of Sl. No. 39 of Group D of BC list following a request from the Mudaliar community. This will benefit Agamudimudaliar, Aghamudian, Aghamudiar, Agamudivellalar, and Agamudimudaliar, including Thuluva Vellalas.

Which caste comes under BC in AP?


1. Agrakula Kshatriya, Palli Vadabalija, Bestha, Jalati, Gangavar, Gangaputra, Goondla, Vanyakulakshatriya, (Vannekapu, Vanne reddi, Pallikapu, Pallireddi) Neyyala and Pattapu.
2. Balasanthu, Bahurupi
3. Bandara
4. Budabukkala
5. Rajaka (Chakali, Vannar)

Are Mudaliars vegetarian?

Mudaliars (Vellalar) along with the Chettiars were the two most highest castes in the Tamil caste system after the Brahmins. They were the traditional ‘literate’ caste and their characteristics were similar to the Brahmins (i.e. vegetarian, following Vaishnavism, mostly educated and working in Civil Service).

Is Agamudayar a backward caste?

Agamudayars are listed in the national commission of backward caste lists for Tamil Nadu as ‘Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala ‘.

Is Sozhiya vellalar a mudaliar?

Sozhiya Vellalars were the chieftains and land-owning agriculturalists of Chola dynasty. They use the title Pillai and Mudaliar. The term Pillai literally means “child” in Tamil language. Tamil inscriptions of ancient Sangam era define the direct meaning of Pillai as “Child of King” (prince), denoting nobility.

What is Agamudayar caste?

Agamudayar (otherwise Agamudaiyar, Akamudayar, Agamudayan) are a Tamil community found in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In Southern parts of Tamil Nadu, they are considered as one of the three castes which make up the Mukkulathor community.

Is Kapu low caste?

The Mandal Commission set up by the Government of India in the 1980s recommended that Kapus be included among the Other Backward Classes (OBC). But the state governments were entrusted with finalising the list of castes for the OBC category.

Is Thevar and Agamudayar same?

Each of the Thevar communities claim descent from an ancient Moovendar dynasty in the Sangam era: Agamudayar consider themselves to be descendants of the Chera dynasty, the Kallars the Cholas and the Maravars the Pandyas.

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