Which type of sleeve is leg of mutton?

The leg of mutton sleeve is wide at the upper sleeve and close fitting at the wrist. This kind of sleeve is also called ham sleeve or gigot (french). This sleeve came up at the end of the 16th century, became modern again around the turn of the century and is now returning to fashion.

Why is it called leg of mutton sleeves?

The leg of mutton sleeve (also known in French as the gigot sleeve) was initially named due to its unusual shape: formed from a voluminous gathering of fabric at the upper arm that tapers to a tight fit from the elbow to the wrist.

Where do Gigot chops come from?

Juicy large lamb gigot chops cut from the middle of the leg, can be roasted or grilled. These can either be plain or in a refreshing minty marinade with a hint of tomato.

When did leg of mutton sleeves go out of fashion?

First seen in fashionable dress in the 1820s, the sleeve became popular between approximately 1825 and 1833 – but by the time Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in 1837, the overblown sleeves had completely disappeared in favour of a more subdued style.

What cut is Gigot of lamb?

Lamb Gigot Chops are centre-cut chops from the lamb leg and are ideal for the grill pan or the barbecue. Or use them in a casserole for a substantial, satisfying stew.

What Gigot means?

Definition of gigot 1 : a leg of meat (such as lamb) especially when cooked. 2 : a leg-of-mutton sleeve.

Is Gigot a lamb chop?

Product Description. Lamb Gigot Chops are centre-cut chops from the lamb leg and are ideal for the grill pan or the barbecue.

What is a leg of mutton sleeve?

Author’s collection. Gigot or leg of mutton sleeves also created the appearance of a women pining for her lover. The sleeve began near the top of the arm and created a sloped shoulder look having been formed with a gentle diagonal that extended to the wrist.

What are gigot sleeves?

Instead, gigot sleeves began at the top of the arm, helping to create a fashionable sloped shoulder look. The most beautiful lady in the 1830s would have shoulders not extending in a horizontal line from the base of her neck, but sloping in a gentle diagonal down to her arms.

Did men wear leg-of-mutton sleeves?

Both genders wore the leg-of-mutton sleeves and similar style bodices, as you can see in comparing the contemporaneous portraits in Figures 2 & 3. The portrait of Robert Dudley shows that men wore leg-of-mutton sleeves with ruffed cuffs, and doublets with a high neck and a ruff–very similar to what Queen Elizabeth herself is wearing.

What is a Gigot?

“Sleeves called gigots were very full to the elbow and smoothly fitted from there to the wrist.” (494)

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