Which software is used for pile design?

DeepFND is the ultimate software program for the lateral and vertical design and analysis of all foundation pile types – Helical and Non-Helical.

How do you calculate pile cap size?

Worked Example: Design of Pile Cap consider 150mm offset from the pile and space between piles as 2.5 times pile diameter. Effective depth, d = 1000-50-20/2 = 940 mm > 750mm; (2.5×600/2) Ok. The critical section of the pile shall be considered as 20% of the diameter of the pile inside of the face of the pile.

What is Lpile software?

Release date 2022-05-24. Download » Features Description Sheet (PDF) User’s Manual (PDF) Development History Buy Now » LPILE is a special-purpose and internationally recognized computer program based on rational procedures for analyzing a pile under lateral loading using the p-y method.

What is PY curve?

P-Y curves are the numerical models used to simulate the response of soil resistance (p, soil resistance per unit length of the pile) to the pile deflection (y) for the piles under lateral loading.

How do you calculate pile spring stiffness?

This method is commonly adopted. The same of an end bearing concrete pile ( where the stiffness of concrete governs the settlement) = AE/L . The horizontal spring stiffness value is governed by the Modulus of Horizontal Subgrade Reaction.

Is code for pile cap design?

IS 2911
As per IS 2911 (Part I/ Sec 3) -2010, the pile cap may be designed by assuming that the load from column is dispersed at 45˚ from the top of the cap up to the mid depth of the pile cap from the base of the column or pedestal.

What is depth of fixity of pile?

As proposed by Davisson and Robinson (1965), the most desirable simplification is to consider the lower end of the pile as fixed at some depth below the ground surface, this depth is called depth of fixity, L’S. The pile of Fig. 3 can be considered for the buckling analysis as a simply cantilever of total length LE. S.

What is pile cap thickness?

Generally, its thickness should not be less than 500mm which may be reduced to 300mm at the free edges. 6. The piles should atleast 50mm into the pile cap.

What is embedded length of pile?

The embedded length of anti-slide piles for slope is analyzed by three-dimensional elastoplastic shear strength reduction method. The effect of embedded pile length on the factor of safety and pile behavior is analyzed.

How is pile cap reinforcement calculated?

Number of bar (12 ф @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [4000 / 125] + 1 = 33 nos. Number of bar (12 @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [2000 / 125] + 1 = 17 nos….How To Make BBS Of Pile Foundation & Pile Cap – LCETED.

Length No of vertical rods are used in piles Diameter of steel
-12 to -21m 16nos 20Ø
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