Which of these characters appears in the musical Annie Get Your Gun?

Notable Casts

Character Original Broadway (1946) Original West End (1947)
Annie Oakley Ethel Merman Dolores Gray
Frank Butler Ray Middleton Bill Johnson
Dolly Tate Lea Penman Barbara Babington
Buffalo Bill William O’Neal Ellis Irving

Who was Annie Get Your Gun written for?

Dorothy and (brother) Herbert Fields specifically wrote their romanticization of Oakley’s life as a vehicle for musical comedy starEthel Merman (1909-84).

Was Ron Howard in Annie Get Your Gun?

Actor Ron Howard plays the role of Chief Sitting Bull in “Annie Get Your Gun.” In this scene, he comforts the heartbroken Annie.

Who played opposite Howard Keel in Annie Get Your Gun?

Cast: Betty Hutton (Annie Oakley), Howard Keel (Frank Butler), Louis Calhern (Buffalo Bill), J. Carrol Naish (Chief Sitting Bull), Edward Arnold (Pawnee Bill), Keenan Wynn (Charlie Davenport), Benay Venuta (Dolly Tate), Clinton Sundberg (Foster Wilson). C-107 m.

Why did Betty Hutton replace Judy Garland in Annie Get Your Gun?

Judy Garland, originally cast as Annie Oakley, was taken ill during early filming and production was halted until Betty Hutton finished Let’s Dance (1950) and was called in to replace her.

Did Betty Hutton sing her own songs in Annie Get Your Gun?

30, 2015, asking who dubbed Betty Hutton in “Annie Get Your Gun.” I want to share that Miss Hutton did her own singing and was never dubbed in any of her films. Hutton was a singer who got her start as a singer for Vincent Lopez’s orchestra.

Did Ethel Merman play in Annie Get Your Gun?

Following a hit run at the New York State Theatre and a national tour, Ethel Merman returned to Broadway as Annie Oakley in a revival of Annie Get Your Gun, playing the same role she originated 20 years earlier. The show opened September 21, 1966, at the Broadway Theatre.

Did Betty Hutton actually sing in Annie Get Your Gun?

Did Betty Hutton and Howard Keel get along?

Betty Hutton and Howard Keel did not get along during filming. Keel thought that Hutton cared more about her career than her co-stars.

Is there an Annie get Your Gun musical in London?

For the 1950 film, see Annie Get Your Gun (film). For the 1986 West End revival cast recording, see Annie Get Your Gun – 1986 London Cast. Annie Get Your Gun is a musical with lyrics and music by Irving Berlin and a book by Dorothy Fields and her brother Herbert Fields.

Who are the actors in the revival of Annie?

This revival starred Bernadette Peters as Annie and Tom Wopat as Frank, and Ron Holgate as Buffalo Bill, with direction by Graciela Daniele, choreography by Jeff Calhoun, and music arrangements by John McDaniel. Peters won the 1999 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical and the production won the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical.

What does Annie Oakley shoot off Dolly Tate’s hat?

Annie Oakley enters and shoots a bird off Dolly Tate’s hat, and then explains her simple backwoods ways to Wilson with the help of her siblings (“Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly”). When Wilson learns she’s a brilliant shot, he enters her in the shooting match against Frank Butler.

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