Where is St Jean St Barts?

Saint-Jean, Saint Barthélemy

The quartier of Saint-Jean, Saint Barthélemy marked 16.
Coordinates: 17°54′5″N 62°50′6″W
Country France
Overseas collectivity Saint Barthélemy

Does St Barts have nice beaches?

Beaches. One cannot think of St Barts without picturing its extraordinary beaches of fine white sand and the amazing colors of its water – turquoise blue, deep indigo, slate grey with golden hues at sunset, or tints of cerulean on foam-topped waves.

Are beaches in St Barts public?

St Barts is one of the top islands in the Caribbean to visit for beach lovers. The nearly 10-square-mile island has 11 beaches that the public can easily acces, each with its own distinct personality. There are bustling beaches with restaurants, watersports purveyors, and nightlife.

What’s so special about St. Barts?

What is St Barts known for? The island of Saint Barthélemy (a.k.a. Saint Barts) is known for its luxury lifestyle, its laissez-faire attitude, its calm waters, its villas, and fabulous restaurants. St Barts restaurants are also known for their world-class cuisine and sophisticated, yet laid-back atmosphere.

Why is St. Barts so popular?

Saint-Barthélemy (also known as St. Barts or St. Barths) is a French-speaking Caribbean island that’s popular among the rich and the famous. Its array of stunning beaches, luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and delicious restaurants have helped it become a travel hot spot.

Are beaches in St Barths public?

Is there a good snorkeling in St Barts?

Thanks to the island’s Marine Reserve that was created in 1996 to protect marine life in Carribean-Sea, St Barts offers ideal conditions for snorkeling. Below the surface, its deep blue and clear waters are home to sea turtles, rays, eels, tarpon and tropical fish, and many other lovely marine creatures.

How can I move to St. Barths?

To become a resident of St Barths, you need to live on the island for over 6 months a year, for 5 years. Once you are a St Baths resident, a local tax code applies, which has a number of advantages. Notably, St Barths residents do not pay any income tax.

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