When did Greg Maddux win the Cy Young?

In 1992, with a 20–11 record and a 2.18 ERA, Maddux won his first Cy Young Award. Although he did not have a blazing fastball or a devastating curve, he was able to dominate hitters by studying their tendencies and then baffling them with the amazing accuracy and varying speeds of his pitches.

Why did the Cubs get rid of Greg Maddux?

“His agent and Greg felt he wasn’t getting enough money from the Cubs. And I felt we had already reached the maximum dollar. . . . That’s where it lay. . . . He turned it down.”

Who has won most Cy Young Awards?

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens (7 Cy Young Awards) The Rocket is the Cy Young Award record-holder, with an incredible seven. Clemens won Cy Young Awards in both leagues, with four different teams: the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros.

How many pitchers have thrown a Maddux?

Named after Hall of Famer Greg Maddux, the term was coined by baseball writer Jason Lukehart. Since 1988, the first year accurate pitch-count data is available, Maddux ranks first in the Majors with 13 such starts during the regular season.

Who has thrown the most Maddux?

Greg Maddux
Fittingly, as of 2019, Greg Maddux has the most career Madduxes with 13, since 1988 when accurate pitch counts were tracked. Zane Smith has the second-most career Madduxes, seven, and shares the single-season record for Madduxes with Greg Maddux, three each.

Where is Javier Baez now?

Detroit TigersJavier Báez / Current team (#28 / Shortstop)

What is Greg Maddux lowest pitch count in a complete-game?

In his fifth complete game, Maddux’s 78 total pitches were the fewest in a nine-inning game since Bob Tewksbury’s 76-pitch performance for St. Louis against Cincinnati on Aug. 29, 1990. Of Maddux’s 78 pitches, just 15 were balls.

What is Greg Maddux lowest pitch count in a complete game?

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