What new technology did families have in their homes during the 1950s?

Some families were already able to afford a refrigerator, a freezer, or even a dishwasher. A considerable time-saver for housewives was the purchase of smaller appliances, such as blenders or toasters. At the same time, many machines with crank handles, like bread slicers,were still in use.

What new technology transformed America in 1950s?

During the 1950s, technological innovations resulted in the rapid improvement of mass communication. By the end of the decade, television had replaced radio, newspapers, and magazines as the primary source of entertainment and information for most Americans.

What technological innovations changed life in the 1950s?

Many people have looked back at the 50s as a golden era, a time period in which the quality of life drastically improved.

  • Optical Fiber. Source: BigRiz/ Wikipedia.
  • The UNIVAC I.
  • Video Cassette Recorder.
  • The Barcode.
  • The Hovercraft or Air-Cushion Vehicle.
  • The Passenger Jet.
  • Fortran: The Computer Programming Language.
  • Solar Cell.

What impact did technological advances have on American industry in the 1950s?

What impact did technological advances have on American industry in the 1950s? They chipped away at the number of jobs in heavy industry. You just studied 40 terms!

What invention became very popular in the 1950s?

In the postwar America of the 1950s, many changes for consumers were afoot. New on the scene in this decade: credit cards, power steering, diet soft drinks, music synthesizers, and transistor radios. The baby boom generation made hula hoops a craze, and the Barbie doll began her decades-long, ageless run.

What inventions were created in 1950?

1950s Inventions

  • Zenith introduces “lazy bones” tuning – change all television stations from the comfort of your easy chair.
  • UNIVAC First commercial computer.
  • Mr.
  • Radial tires invented.
  • The first nonstick pan produced.
  • Tetracycline invented.
  • The first computer hard disk used.
  • Fortran (computer language) invented.

What was the new technology in 1954?

The first electric drip brew coffeemaker is patented in Germany and named the Wigomat after its inventor Gottlob Widmann. Staley T. McBrayer invents the Vanguard web offset press for newspaper printing in Fort Worth, Texas. The Angle grinder is invented by German company Ackermann + Schmitt (Flex-Elektrowerkzeuge).

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