What kind of mic should you use to record acoustic guitar?

A studio standard for decades, the Shure SM81 is many live engineers’ first choice for an acoustic-guitar mic.

What is rode NT5 best for?

RODE NT5 Matched Pair by icecubeman The interesting part of these mics is their frequency response mainly flat with little low shelving from 100Hz and high shelving from 4kHz. This interesting characteristic makes them ideal for overhead recording where you often need to cut low frequencies and boost highs.

Is condenser mic good for recording acoustic guitar?

Condenser microphones are best suited to recording instruments that produce an abundance of high frequencies. Guitars fall into this category, but it depends on the style in question. Generally speaking, acoustic guitars interact very well with condenser mics, due to their high-end, detailed frequency range.

Can you record a guitar amp with a condenser microphone?

Large-diaphragm condensers are great for recording a guitar amp, due to their extensive frequency response, especially in the low-end. These microphones slightly diffuse the sound, resulting in a softer tone.

Can you record a guitar amp with a condenser mic?

In large recording studios, producers record electric guitar using many varied techniques. Condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics are used in various combinations to record electric guitar amps.

Can I record music with a condenser mic?

A large diaphragm condenser microphone is probably the most versatile as a first microphone. A large diaphragm mic is particularly suited to recording studio vocals and is versatile enough to record acoustic instruments.

Is condenser mic good for guitar?

Generally speaking, condenser mics are better for acoustic guitar. And dynamic mics are better for miking electric guitar amps. Condenser mics usually work better on quieter, high-frequency instruments. Dynamic mics work better on louder instruments with more low to mid frequencies.

Can I use condenser mic for amplifier?

No! Condenser mics REQUIRE a DC 48V Phantom power supply from somewhere.

What microphone is best for recording instruments?

Condenser microphones are considered the most versatile studio microphones and can be used to record essentially any instrument. They are somewhat more fragile and sonically sensitive than dynamic mics, and they require a small electrical current to operate, so they are less popular in the live setting.

What type of mic is best for electric guitar?

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone The jack-of-all-trades dynamic mic is the perfect partner for recording electric guitar, as it allows you to record at essentially stage volumes without any loss of clarity. Its cardioid pickup pattern is great for isolating the sound you want, and it is as tough as old boots too.

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