What is the zip code for FPO AE?

ZIP Code 09645, FPO AE, U.S. ZIP Codes, Database – FPO Armed Forces Europe AE Map.

How do I find a Japanese zip code?

ZIP Code / Postcode for JAPAN ZIP codes of Japan are represented by 7 digits numbers using the format 〒NNN-NNNN, where 〒 is the Japanese postal code mark and N is a digit. The first two digits are generally unique to each prefecture: Tokyo has numbers starting with 10-20, Osaka has numbers starting with 53-59.

Where is APO 09908?

ZIP Code Details

Zip Code: 09908
City: APO
State: AE [Armed Forces Europe]
Multi County: No

Where is APO 09128?

ZIP Code 09128 is located in APO, AE. Its detail State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope Example, Population is as below….ZIP Code 09128 Plus 4.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 Address
09128-0002 101 CMR 480, APO, AE
09128-0003 201 CMR 480, APO, AE
09128-0004 301 CMR 480, APO, AE
09128-0005 401 CMR 480, APO, AE

What is Tokyo area code?

Japanese City & Area Dialing Codes Tokyo is 03, Osaka 06, Nagoya 052, Fukuoka 092, Sapporo 011 and Kyoto 075.

How long is a ZIP code in Japan?

Postal codes in Japan are 7-digit numeric codes using the format NNN-NNNN, where N is a digit.

Does Japan have area codes?

Telephone numbers in Japan consist of an area code, an exchange number, and a subscriber number.

How do I find someone’s address in Japan?

Unless you are very lucky, you can’t find people in the phonebook. If the target person is a representative of a Japanese corporation, you can find his/her home address in the company registry. The Japanese company register is semi-public information. You can visit your local legal bureau to get a record.

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