What is the strongest super mutant in Fallout 4?

The super mutant enforcer is significantly stronger than the brute and is more likely to be more heavily armored than the lower-level super mutants.

What are super mutants weak to in Fallout 4?

Since they’re weak to energy, this is a good time to use those Molotovs and pulse grenades. Super mutants have fairly high damage resistance compared to most enemy types, especially the more advanced ones like masters, so spike damage is good.

Are there any friendly super mutants in Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4 in particular, Brian Virgil, the sole survivor of the Institute and an overseer to the FEV project that created most of Fallout 4’s super mutants, is a friendly character that will aid the Sole Survivor on their quest to enter the Institute.

What is the best weapon to use against super mutants Fallout 4?

A shotgun like Le Fusil Terribles can be very effective when fully upgraded against Super Mutants, with an added Bayonet for those melee fighters so you can stagger them before you fill them full of lead when they get too close.

What is effective against super mutants?

Energy weapons like laser muskets work well, and you can use sufficiently advanced ballistic weapons too, but they’ll do comparatively less damage. Headshots are effective against all super mutants, but have low success rates even in VATS (presumably due to their heads being so small in relation to their bodies).

What are robots weak to in Fallout 4?

(with the right perks). It’s worth noting Sentry Bots in particular are incredibly vulnerable to the VATS perk Penetrator, which allows you to strike their fusion cores at any time once you hit rank 2.

What weapons are good against robots Fallout 4?

Explosive weapons, including legendary ones, like fellas above say, are also effective against them because of their area-of-effect damage, specially because robot body parts won’t cripple, but instead can be instantly destroyed.

How do you beat synths?

Synths use energy weapons pretty much exclusively. Even the melee types use batons charged with electricity, which add an extra bit of damage to their attacks and can stun you. The trick here is to pick a spot and take out the armor for a certain area. V.A.T.S.

What weapons are best against robots in Fallout 4?

What does the most damage against robots Fallout 4?

Robots have armor and are vulnerable to electric damage, so ranged weapons with armor piercing upgrades and/or legendary effects that help you bypass part of damage resistance and melee weapons modified with shock upgrades are good against them.

Is robot armor good Fallout 4?

Robot armor can be considered a middle ground between “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” armors, such as metal armor and combat armor, respectively. One of its advantages is only requiring Armorer Rank 2 to fully upgrade its resistances, although Rank 4 is still needed for all miscellaneous upgrades.

Would a synth become a ghoul?

Synths are, biologically-speaking, human (a species capable of becoming Ghouls).

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