What is the name of safety shoes?

Best Safety Shoe Brands in India 2021

Brands Warranty Anti-skid/anti-static
Allen Cooper 1 year Yes
Bata 6 months Yes
Karam 3 months Yes
Hillson 6 months Yes

What is HRO safety shoes?

HRO Heat Resistant Outsole Safety Footwear We offer a range of HRO safety footwear which is a rating given to footwear once it’s outsole has been tested and met the specified requirements for resistance to hot contact up to 300°C.

What are Rambo shoes?

About Us. RAMBO Shoe Company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of high quality, fashionable footwear for men, women and kids. We have international markets comprising countries. Steady growth.

Is PPE a shoe?

Types of protective footwear Check protective footwear is suitable for the job. Consider whether yu need: footwear with slip-proof or chemical-resistant soles. entirely waterproof or insulated shoes or boots o protect against electrical hazards.

What is S3 safety shoes?

S3 – All of the features as S2, plus midsole penetration resistance – meaning that these shoes are puncture proof. For example, a steel midsole prevents sharp objects from piercing through the sole. S4 – All of the features as S1, but is made from a rubber upper or entirely moulded polymer, such as a Wellington boot.

What does S3 mean in safety boots?

Midsole Penetration Resistance
What are the Safety Footwear Ratings?

Rating Meaning
S1P As S1 with additional Mid-Sole protection against penetration
S2 Prevents Water Penetration
S3 Midsole Penetration Resistance
S4 Leak-Proof

Why are safety shoes important?

Protective shoes come equipped with slip resistant soles and provide complete protection in hazardous workplaces. Mostly in construction sites people get struck by objects falling from above,these shoes help to protect your toes.

What is S3 safety boots?

Footwear in safety class S3 (and in class S1P) have oil and petrol resistant soles, and all of the shoes and boots are slip resistant, anti-static and breathable. In other words: total safety. Safety Shoe. Safety Boot.

Who must wear safety shoes?

1. Who needs to wear safety shoes? If a hazard assessment shows that foot hazards are present in the workplace, workers will need to wear safety footwear.

What is safety shoes category?

S1 safety shoes have a composite toecap or steel toecap which can take an impact of 200 Joule and a compression of 15.000 newtons, just like the SB safety category. Unlike SB safety shoes are shoes in the S1 category always anti static and have absorption of the seat region.


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