What is the Iupac name of naphthol?


PubChem CID 7005
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Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula C10H8O
Synonyms 1-NAPHTHOL naphthalen-1-ol 90-15-3 1-Naphthalenol alpha-naphthol More…

Is naphthalene an acid?

Naphthalene, on the other hand, is a neutral organic compound, and therefore is not soluble in water or the aqueous solutions that will be produced throughout the experiment. It was located in the organic layer during the extraction process.

Is 2-naphthol a phenol?

The naphthols are naphthalene homologues of phenol, but more reactive. Both isomers are soluble in simple alcohols, ethers, and chloroform. 2-Naphthol is a widely used intermediate for the production of dyes and other compounds….2-Naphthol.

ChemSpider 8341
ECHA InfoCard 100.004.712
EC Number 205-182-7

How is 2-naphthol formed?

Traditionally, 2-naphthol is produced by a two-step process that begins with the sulfonation of naphthalene in sulfuric acid: C10H8 + H2SO4 → C10H7SO3H + H2O. The sulfonic acid group is then cleaved in molten sodium hydroxide: C10H7(SO3H) + 3 NaOH → C10H7ONa + Na2SO3 + 2 H2O.

What is the functional group of 1-naphthol?

1-Naphthol, or α-naphthol, is a fluorescent organic compound with the formula C10H7OH. It is a white solid. It is an isomer of 2-naphthol differing by the location of the hydroxyl group on the naphthalene ring.

What is the structure of naphthol?

C10H8O1-Naphthol / Formula

What is the structural formula of 2-naphthol?

C10H8O2-Naphthol / Formula
2-Naphthol, or β-naphthol, is a fluorescent colorless (or occasionally yellow) crystalline solid with the formula C10H7OH. It is an isomer of 1-naphthol, differing by the location of the hydroxyl group on the naphthalene ring.

Is naphthalene a ketone?

2-acetylnaphthalene is a naphthyl ketone that is naphthalene substituted at position 2 by an acetyl group.

What is the chemical name for camphor?

1,7,7-Trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-oneCamphor / IUPAC ID

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