What is the form of La Valse?

La valse, poème chorégraphique pour orchestre (a choreographic poem for orchestra), is a work written by Maurice Ravel between February 1919 and 1920; it was first performed on 12 December 1920 in Paris. It was conceived as a ballet but is now more often heard as a concert work.

What are the musical elements of La Valse?

I will analyze the compositional elements of La valse from the perspective of the cubist methods of painting, such as angularity, fragmentation, and collage. My musical analysis will concentrate on elements of form, thematic material, harmony, meter, rhythm, accentuation, tempo, dynamics, tone color, and texture.

Who is the person that composed Boléro and La Valse?

Maurice Ravel
Maurice Ravel was admitted to the Paris Conservatoire at age 14, and later studied with Gabriel Fauré. His ballet Daphnis et Chloé was commissioned by Sergey Diaghilev. Other pieces include the the orchestral works La Valse and Boléro. Ravel remains the most widely popular of all French composers.

What is the mood of La Valse?

It begins rumbling deep down in the bass before scraps of waltz rhythm begin to emerge above in the mid-range. After this introduction, the work is structured as a series of waltzes, alternating in mood between a voluptuous, sometimes explosive joie de vivre and more demure evocations of coyness and lilting nostalgia.

How difficult is Ravel La valse?

La Valse is very, very difficult, more so than the score looks – there are so many awkward leaps and polyrhythms, not to mention the countermelodies you’ll have to divide between hands without breaking the flow. If you don’t find Jeux d’eau straightforward, I’ll suggest you put it off for a bit.

Is La Valse a waltz?

But La valse was intended to be the waltz to end all waltzes. Before the First World War, Ravel had planned a work entitled Wien (Vienna), but it had to wait until 1919 to begin taking shape as a “choreographic poem” in fulfillment of a commission from Serge Diaghilev.

What is the meaning of Bolero by Ravel?

Boléro epitomizes Ravel’s preoccupation with restyling and reinventing dance movements. It was also one of the last pieces he composed before illness forced him into retirement.

When was La Valse written?

1920La valse / Composed

Is a valse a dance?

Waltzes were the staple of many American musicals and films, including “Waltz in Swing Time” sung by Fred Astaire. The Scandinavian Waltz, performed as a part of Scandinavian folk dance, can be fast or slow, but the dancers are always rotating.

What does Valse Sentimentale meaning?

The Artists: Internationally renowned cellist, Misha Quint, performs “Valse Sentimentale,” a recording of epic proportions to fit all moods. His sensitive playing of these Russian composers is both sentimental (as the title suggests) and exceptionally intense.

How hard is jeux d eau?

Re: Am I technically ready to learn Ravel’s Jeux d’eau? It would be a stretch but it’s definitely possible. It’s considered one of Ravel’s less difficult works but it’s still a challenge. It’s really awkward in certain spots.

Is Bolero a love story?

Unrelated to the older Spanish dance of the same name, bolero is characterized by sophisticated lyrics dealing with love. It has been called the “quintessential Latin American romantic song of the twentieth century”.

What is the story behind the song Bolero?

Boléro epitomizes Ravel’s preoccupation with restyling and reinventing dance movements. It was also one of the last pieces he composed before illness forced him into retirement….

Ida Rubinstein, who commissioned Boléro, in 1922.
Performed 22 November 1928
Published 1929
Scoring orchestra

What is the meaning of La Valse?

Definition of valse : waltz specifically : a concert waltz.

When did Maurice Ravel compose La Valse?

1920La valse / Composed
Composed between 1919 and 1921, La Valse by Maurice Ravel premiered on 12th December 1920 in Paris.

What was Valse Sentimentale written for?

As a letter to his brother Modest shows, these pieces were written entirely for the money they would provide. Here the Valse sentimentale is arranged for flute and harp.

What does jeux d’eau meaning?

Water Games
Jeux d’eau (pronounced [ʒø do]) is a piece for solo piano by Maurice Ravel, composed in 1901 and given its first public performance the following year. The title is variously translated as “Fountains”, “Playing Water” or literally “Water Games”.

Is Ravel Jeux D Eau hard?

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