What is the best part of Abel Tasman walk?

Best Part of Abel Tasman Track If you have one day to hike a section of the Abel Tasman coastal track and are reasonably fit, I recommend Tonga Quarry to Anchorage via Bark Bay and Torrent Bay.

How many days does it take to walk the Abel Tasman?

3-5 days
Before you start walking the Abel Tasman Coast Track, you need to book: Huts and/or campsites on the track – the walk takes 3-5 days to complete.

Where does the Abel Tasman track start and finish?

Abel Tasman Track Facts The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is 60km long, running between Marahau and Wainui Inlet. It takes 4 days to walk the whole track. Most people walk the most popular part of the track in 3 days from Marahau to Totaranui. The track is well-serviced by water taxis up until Totaranui.

How many km is the Abel Tasman walk?

60 km

Abel Tasman Coast Track
Length 60 km (37 mi)
Location Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Designation New Zealand Great Walk
Trailheads Mārahau, Wainui Bay

Where does the Abel Tasman walk start?

The walk begins near the beautiful beach town of Kaiteriteri, home to a number of accommodation options. There’s so much to do in the Abel Tasman National Park that it pays to stay a few days more either before or after your walk.

Are there showers on Abel Tasman?

Bark Bay hut is in a beautiful spot with lovely views out to the bay. There are two bunk rooms, each sleeping 17 on long sleeping platforms (top and bottom). The toilets are flush. Rather remarkably there is also a shower!

Can you walk the Abel Tasman in sneakers?

This track is regarded as an ‘easy’ track and can be done in running shoes (trainers, sneakers etc) without having to use specialised hiking boots.

Can you drink water in Abel Tasman?

Is there drinking water in the park? There is filtered water at Anchorage, Bark Bay, Awaroa and Totaranui. At the other beaches it is recommended to treat the water before drinking it.

Do you need toilet paper Abel Tasman?

All the toilets have toilet paper and a flush (except for the ones that are along the smaller bays in between the main bays.). Therefore you only need to carry drinking water for the first day and you can skip the extra toilet paper.

How much does it cost to go to Abel Tasman National Park?

Abel Tasman Foreshore Access fee: currently $1.15 per visitor, per crossing. In May 2020 will increase to $3.28, capped at $6.56 per day.

Are there showers on the Abel Tasman?

If you’re not staying in a nearby campground with showers, head south of Abel Tasman National Park to Kaiteriteri, where you can use the free public showers at the beach. A little further south there’s a public toilet block with cold high pressure showers located inside, so you get a little more privacy.

Are there showers at Abel Tasman huts?

What is Abel Tasman National Park?

Abel Tasman is the smallest of all national parks in New Zealand and covers an area of 22,500 ha in the very north of the South Island. It is named after Abel Janszoon Tasman, a famous Dutch navigator and the first European who ever anchored mainland on New Zealand in on 18 December 1642.

How to get around Abel Tasman coast track?

Walk the whole track in either direction, take a water taxi or kayak between different locations. There are 4 huts and 18 campsites along the Abel Tasman Coast Track, which must be booked in advance all year round.

Where are the longest beaches in Abel Tasman?

Return to the coast at Tonga Quarry and it’s a short walk from there to Onetahuti Bay, where one of the longest beaches in the Abel Tasman stretches before you. The track then leads over the forested Tonga Saddle.

Why visit the Abel Tasman coast in the winter?

The advantages of visiting the Abel Tasman Coast in the winter include fewer visitors, calmer water, less water traffic such as water-skiers, and hardly any insects.

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