What is meant by modular multilevel converter?

A modular multilevel converter (MMC) is an advanced voltage source converter applicable to a wide range of medium and high-voltage applications. It has competitive advantages such as quality output performance, high modularity, simple scalability, and low voltage and current rating demand for the power switches.

Which are the types of multilevel inverter?

Multilevel Inverter topologies such as diode-clamped, flying- capacitor, cascaded H-bridge, hybrid H-bridge, new hybrid H-bridge and new cascaded multilevel inverter have been discussed in the literature. In this work a new idea is developed to increase the level with less number of switches.

What is MMC in power electronics?

The Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) represents an emerging topology with a scalable technology making high voltage and power capability possible. The MMC is built up by identical, but individually controllable submodules.

What is two level inverter?

In 2-level inverter output voltage waveform is produced by using PWM with two voltage levels. This causes the output voltage and current to be distorted and the THD of the voltage is poor (Figure 4, left). In 3-level inverter output voltage and current is much more sinusoidal and the THD is better (Figure 4, right).

What is the basic concept of multilevel converter?

A multi-level converter (MLC) is a method of generating high-voltage wave-forms from lower-voltage components. MLC origins go back over a hundred years, when in the 1880s, the advantages of DC long-distance transmission became evident. Modular multi-level converters (MMC) were investigated by Tricoli et al in 2017.

What are the advantages of multilevel inverters?

The multilevel inverters produce common mode voltage and it reducing the stress of the motor and the motor will not get damage. Multilevel inverters can draw input current with low distortion.

Why do we need multilevel inverter?

The need of multilevel converter is to give a high output power from medium voltage source. The multi level inverter consists of several switches. Higher voltage can be generated using the devices of lower rating. Increased number of voltage levels produces better voltage waveform.

What is use of multilevel inverter?

Multilevel inverters nowadays are used for medium voltage and high power applications. The different field of applications include its use as UPS, High voltage DC transmission, Variable Frequency Drives, in pumps, conveyors etc.

How does a 3-level inverter work?

A three-level inverter features an IGBT with a lower reverse-blocking voltage: 600 V instead of 1,200 V. The 600-V chips are normally faster and thinner than 1,200-V chips. The silicon in a three-level inverter therefore has lower switching losses and a lower forward-voltage drop.

What is the Modular Multilevel Converter?

12. • The Modular Multilevel converter (MMC) was first proposed in 2003 by Marquardt and Lesnicar. Features • Strictly scalable (modular) construction • No need for passive filters at AC-side and DC-side • Low di/dt of arms currents (Low EMI and acoustic noise) • No need for transformers (2terminal SM) • Low pulse frequency (fP=3f1) sufficient.

What is amplitude modulation index in inverter?

In multilevel inverters, the amplitude modulation index (Ma) is the ratio of reference amplitude (Ar) to carrier amplitude (Ac). 22. Phase Disposition • In phase disposition method all the carriers have the same frequency and amplitude.

What is a power electronic converter?

• A power electronic converter uses power electronic components such as SCRs, TRIACs, IGBTs, etc. to control and convert the electric power. The main aim of the converter is to produce conditioning power with respect to a certain application. 2. • Converter changes one form of electrical energy to other form of electrical energy 3.

What are the MMC topologies supported by Simulink?

Evaluation of interactions between the MMC system and large-scale power systems. MMC options support three submodule (SM) topologies: half-bridge, full-bridge and double-clamped. The FPGA MMC Models design in Simulink can be edited by users with RT-XSG.

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