What is Kendo Kaponi real name?

José Fernando Rivera MoralesKendo Kaponi / Full name
José Fernando Morales Rivera (born August 19, 1984), known as Kendo Kaponi, is a Puerto Rican rapper. In 2018, he was arrested in Coamo on charges of armed burglary and assault in Florida, where he subsequently served two years in prison.

How old is Kendo Kaponi?

37 years (August 19, 1984)Kendo Kaponi / Age

Where is Kendo Kaponi from?

Bayamón, Puerto RicoKendo Kaponi / Place of birth

Where was Cosculluela born?

Humacao, Puerto RicoCosculluela / Place of birth

Where is Gino Cosculluela from?

Miami, Florida
Gino Emilio Cosculluela is a dancer who featured on Dance Moms. Gino danced for both Candy Apple’s Dance Center and once for the Abby Lee Dance Company during his time on the show….Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop.

g Gino Cosculluela
Gender: Male
Born: October 3, 2000
Age: 21
Home: Miami, Florida

How old is Gino Cosculluela?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

g Gino Cosculluela
Born: October 3, 2000
Age: 21
Home: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Dancer Student

Are Kevin and Gino brothers?

Kevin Anton Cosculluela was a guest dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company in the Senior Competition Team during the third season. He is also Gino Cosculluela’s brother.

How old is Don Omar?

44 years (February 10, 1978)Don Omar / Age

Did Gino kiss Maddie?

Season 3. In this episode, it was reported that Gino kissed Maddie on the cheek for Valentine’s Day and had been messaging her online. This led to Cathy and others at Candy Apple’s accusing Gino’s father Mickey of being a spy and the pair leaving the CADC.

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