What is a scrubber battery?

Sweeper and Scrubber Batteries These deep-cycle industrial batteries are made with heavy-duty, long-lasting connection terminals, thick plates and advanced stabilizer materials to handle extreme working conditions and vibrations.

How do you put batteries in a Sonic scrubber?

These are at the base of the tool and are part of the rubberised handle. Squeeze/Press these buttons inwards (towards the centre of the tool) until you hear it click, to release the battery cap and remove the batteries. For the Household and Pro Detailer models insert new batteries in the correct configuration.

What is a floor scrubber battery?

Battery-operated floor cleaning machines are an efficient way to sweep and scrub any type of industrial flooring. These floor scrubbers and sweepers can cover large areas quickly and thoroughly without the hassle of a cord or the expense and storage space required by a ride-on machine.

How do you maintain a floor scrubber?

Always perform the key tasks below before using your auto scrubber to ensure peak performance.

  1. Check the Batteries, if applicable.
  2. Inspect Drain/Hose for Clogs or Leaks.
  3. Check Debris Tray.
  4. Drain Solution and Recovery Tanks.
  5. Rinse Solution and Recovery Tanks.
  6. Store Tanks with the Lid Open.
  7. Clean Squeegee Assembly.

Are Sonic scrubbers worth it?

The bristles are very good and I found that it can remove some dirt without even turning the device on. The bristles were able to get in the sink drain bit which I can never clean well with a sponge. I think this has done a marvellous job and would highly recommend.

What SonicScrubber does Mrs Hinch use?

However, cleaning queen Mrs Hinch has thankfully revealed the genius tool she uses to get the hard-to-reach corners sparkling – and you can buy a version of your own for just £8.99 from Amazon.

How do you clean a scrubber machine?


  1. Empty and clean the recovery tank. Now it’s time to get rid of all that dirt you’ve just cleaned off the floors.
  2. Empty and rinse the solution tank.
  3. Remove and clean the solution tank filter.
  4. Remove and clean the brush or pad.
  5. Clean the squeegee blade.
  6. Clean the machine.
  7. Recharge the battery.

Is the SonicScrubber rechargeable?

The Professional model uses a rechargeable battery pack as supplied in the Professional Kit.

What does Mrs Hinch use SonicScrubber for?

The cleaning influencer swears by her SonicScrubber and often shares how she uses the tool to clean her bathroom tiles, plugs, and even her washing machine seal and drawer. It does a great job at cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.

Is the Sonic Scrubber rechargeable?

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