What is a JOAP?

The Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) was established by a joint Army, Navy, and Air Force regulation as a combined effort to establish and maintain a standard program that would consolidate and coordinate the three separate service’s oil analysis programs.

Who is responsible for notifying MOC of the JOAP results?

The JOAP lab
The JOAP lab, in turn, will notify MOC of all test results so that aircraft can be released for any additional flights. 2.5.

What is the Army Oil Analysis Program?

The Army Oil Analysis Program, or AOAP, Laboratory Europe is one of the 10 AOAP laboratories. It is part of the Department of Defense-wide effort to predict equipment component failures and lubricant conditions by testing oil samples from different types of equipment such as vehicles, generators, and aircraft.

What army regulation covers the objectives policies and responsibilities for the Army Oil Analysis Program?

*This regulation supersedes AR 700–132/OPNAVINST 4731.1C CH–1/AFI 21–131(l), dated 28 July 2008. This publication prescribes policies, responsibilities, and goals for the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

What army regulation covers maintenance?

Record Details for AR 750-1

Pub/Form Number AR 750-1
Unit Of Issue(s) EBOOK PDF
Associated AR
Associated DA PAM

What are the three categories of oil analysis?

There are three main categories of oil analysis: fluid properties, contamination and wear debris.

How do you read an oil analysis report?

In your oil analysis report, an acid number reading and base number reading indicate the level of acidic or basic properties the substance has. An acid number that is too high or low may indicate oil oxidation, an incorrect lubricant or additive depletion.

What is a good oil analysis?

So for an oil to be classified as ISO 100, the viscosity must fall within 90 to 110 centistokes (cSt). If the oil’s viscosity is within plus or minus 10 percent of its ISO grade, it is considered normal.

What is oil analysis report?

Oil analysis reports contain vital information about the condition of a lubricant and of the equipment in which the lubricant is being used. By nature, these reports are complex. They are dense with data and details that support the lab’s overall findings and recommendations.

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