What is a drug interdiction agent?

The Drug Interdiction Officer interviews and interrogates victims, witnesses, suspects, prisoners, and all persons involved with a case. The Drug Interdiction Officer investigates, prepares and serves search and arrest warrants, effects arrests of suspects and prepares written reports and correspondence.

What is considered contraband?

Contraband in correctional facilities includes illegal items, such as drugs and weapons, or items prohibited in the area being monitored, such as cell phones. Prison staff needs to be able to detect and confiscate contraband quickly to prevent drug abuse, violence and the commission of further crimes.

Why is it called contraband?

“Contraband” term first used by William Budd On August 10, 1861, Acting Master William Budd of the gunboat USS Resolute first used the term in an official US military record. As early as 1812, the term, “contraband” was used in general language to refer to illegally smuggled goods (including slaves).

Does drug interdiction increase or decrease drug related crime?(?

Thus, drug interdiction could increase drug-related crime. Rather than trying to reduce the supply of drugs, policymakers might try to reduce the demand by pursuing a policy of drug education.

What are two basic types of undercover buy operations?

The two basic types of undercover buy operations are the busting loose and busting open.

What are examples of contraband?

Contraband is commonly defined as goods prohibited by law from being imported or exported. There are many different kinds of contraband, including homemade weapons, gambling paraphernalia, excessively metered envelopes, weapons, drugs, food, and whatnot.

What is defined as contraband?

Definition of contraband 1 : illegal or prohibited traffic in goods : smuggling … persons the most bound in duty to prevent contraband …— Edmund Burke. 2 : goods or merchandise whose importation, exportation, or possession is forbidden Border police searched the car for drugs and other contraband.

What is the legal definition of contraband?

Items which are illegal to trade, carry, produce, or otherwise have in one’s possession. CIVICS.

What is drug interdiction and how does it work?

Drug interdiction is the act of interrupting the drug trade. When a police officer on the beat stops a vehicle for a traffic violation and finds a supply of narcotics; this is drug interdiction. At its most simplest form, the beat officer can play a vital role in drug interdiction.

What are the three components of interdiction?

Interdiction has three separate elements: monitoring, detection and sorting, and pursuit and apprehension. For example, U.S. Coast Guard ships supported by an extensive radar system patrol the Caribbean, which constitutes the major thoroughfare for smuggling from Latin America.

Does interdiction work at the US-Mexico border?

Reliance on Interdiction Backfires “One flaw of current U.S.-Mexico strategy is the false presumption that international trafficking of drugs, guns, and cash can be effectively addressed through interdiction, particularly along the nearly two thousand- mile U.S.-Mexico border.

What is the beat officer’s role in interdiction?

At its most simplest form, the beat officer can play a vital role in drug interdiction. However, interdiction can be much more complex including controlled purchases, buy-busts, and month long or even year long investigations.


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