What happened Oded Fehr?

Fehr returned to the fifth installment of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Retribution. In 2019, Fehr appeared in the CBS drama Blood & Treasure, and began an ongoing role as Admiral Vance in Star Trek: Discovery.

Is Oded Fehr married?

Rhonda TollefsonOded Fehr / Spouse (m. 2000)

How old is Oded Fehr?

51 years (November 23, 1970)Oded Fehr / Age

Is Oded Fehr white?

Trivia. His father, Ury Ernst Fehr, a geophysicist and marketing executive, was born in Jerusalem, of Ashkenazi Jewish and Sephardi Jewish ancestry (his family is from Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Serbia). His mother, Gila (Lachmann), a day care …

Is Ardeth in The Mummy 3?

Ardeth doesn’t appear in “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” and was last seen wishing Evy and Rick well as they left Egypt for the final time in “Returns.” The man who portrayed Ardeth has left an impact across film and television.

Who is the Arab guy in The Mummy?

Oded Fehr
Oded Fehr, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, is an actor that portrayed Ardeth Bay in the first two of the The Mummy films as well as reprising his role in a parody of The Mummy Returns.

How old is Rhonda Tollefson?

About 59 years (1963)Rhonda Tollefson / Age

How tall is Oded Fehr?

6′ 2″Oded Fehr / Height

Who is Levi in blacklist?

The Blacklist (TV Series 2013– ) – Oded Fehr as Agent Levi Shur, Agent Shur – IMDb.

Is there a mummy 4?

A 2019 article reads: “Universal opted not to go forward with a fourth film that would have seen the O’Connells face off against Aztec mummies in South America with Antonio Banderas playing the villain, and instead set its sights on a cinematic universe.”

What do Ardeth Bay tattoos mean?

The tattoos on Ardeth Bay’s forehead are the Egyptian Hieroglyphs that spell “Underworld”, and the ones on his cheeks are the Egyptian Hieroglyphs for the word “truth.” All Medjai males get these tattoos as part of the coming-of-age rite, when they turn sixteen, of which the most important is the tattoo on their right …

What does Beni say in The Mummy?

Beni : [translating for Imhotep] Come with me, my princess. It is time to make you mine, forever.

Who plays Osiris?

The character Osiris is voiced by Oded Fehr, an Israel-born actor who’s been featured in headline roles in films like The Mummy and the Resident Evil movie series.

Who is Josephine blacklist?

The episode starts with a romantic dinner between Red and Josephine Molière (Stephanie Szostak).

What does Beni say in Hebrew in the mummy?

What language does Imhotep speak in The Mummy?

Ancient Egyptian
Evelyn , Imhotep : Death is only the beginning. Imhotep : [speaking Ancient Egyptian] The language of the slaves…

Who plays Tivon Askari?

Faran Tahir
Faran Tahir: Tivon Askari.

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