What games are on nabi?

The device comes preloaded with 15 games – Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and more. They’re what I consider to be kid-friendly, but of course your kids are your kids, not mine, so I’ll leave it up to you to judge the merits and safety of the game apps.

Can I still use Nabi?

Beginning March 5, 2019, online service to nabi products will be shut down and various apps and services will be discontinued. This means that some features will no longer be available and other features will function on a limited basis only on the device itself.

How much is a nabi?

One final surprise I had regarding the Nabi 2 was the price. I really did expect it to go up a little bit, especially considering the hardware improvements and the increase in pre-loaded content. But they’re holding it at $199.99.

When was nabi tablet made?

Fuhu said the Dream Tab had comparable computing power to the iPad. In late 2014, Fuhu announced the Nabi Big Tab, available with a 20-inch (51 cm) or 24-inch (61 cm) screen.

Can I still use nabi?

Is Nabi tablet discontinued?

Fuhu was a company that made the Nabi series of tablet computers. The company filed for bankruptcy, eventually leading to the company’s closure on January 9, 2016. Mattel later acquired and continued the brand with the Nabi SE for a few years until the Nabi line was quietly discontinued in 2019.

Did Nabi shut down?

Our nabi tablets were discontinued a few years ago and the server was shut down in 2019, due to the age of the products.

What brand is Nabi?


Type Private
Key people Jim Mitchell (CEO)
Products Nabi Nabi 2 Nabi, Jr. Nabi Dreamtab Nabi Big Tab
Revenue $70 million (2014)
Parent Mattel

Is the nabi tablet Korean?

They called the device “Nabi”, the Korean word for “butterfly”.

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