What does VP mean in attendance?

Attendance Codes – Understanding our Lingo

EDE Early dismissal excused (partial period absence due to illness, court, funeral, etc.)
VP Verified Present (Student was present for only one periods)
VT Verified tardy (Student was present for only one period)
VTY More than 30 minutes tardy

What does PR mean in attendance?

Parent Request
Unexcused Absence PR. Parent Request (Unexcused. and counted for truancy) Parent excuses the absence for other than an illness, funeral, court case, or an issue pertaining to the student’s emotional well-being.

What does SC mean in attendance?

Attendance Codes

Code Description Presence Status
SC-EX Excused Absent
SC-PA Principal Approved Absent
SC-MED Medical Absent
SC-LCE Lice Absent

What does K mean in attendance?

K Tardy – Unexcused tardy less than 30 minutes. L Tardy – Excused tardy due to student’s doctor/dental appointment or illness. Parent must provide note from medical provider. M Medical – Absence due to verified appointment with health care professional during school hours.

What does PV mean in school?

PV Education Abbreviation

1 PV Pacific Valley
1 PV Prairie View Prairie, University, College
1 PV Preset Value Counter, Timer, Preset
1 PV Process Validation Health, Medical, Validation
1 PV Professionals Vision

What does SF mean attendance?

School Function
A student is marked with the School Function (SF) code when they are participating in an event managed by a certified CPS employee or with another CPS employee for education bearing purposes, and are not in their scheduled class/location.

Is 5K mandatory in SC?

Who is eligible to attend 5K programs? Attendance is mandatory and compulsory for five-year-olds.

What does Q mean in school attendance?

Q – Medical Absence (Excused per Cal Ed. Code) T – Tardy marked by Teacher, Student did not check in (Cannot be updated by Attendance) W – School Verified Attendance, Field Trip, Athletic Dismissal (Excused per Cal Ed.

What does C mean on a school register?

Authorised absence as pupil
C. Authorised absence as pupil is absent due to other authorised circumstances. E. Authorised absence as pupil is excluded, with no alternative provision made. H.

What is PV stand for?

Acronym Definition
PV Present Value
PV Physical Volume (IBM AIX)
PV Photovoltaic
PV Prescott Valley (Arizona)

What does abbreviation PV mean?

PV, at present value See all meanings.

What does VL mean in attendance?

VL. Voluntary Leave – Schedule Reduction. VLA. Voluntary Leave of Absence.

Can you skip kindergarten in SC?

In South Carolina, parents are technically required to send children to kindergarten before entering first grade, but they can easily sign a waiver to opt out. Only 19 states, along with the District of Columbia, require students to attend kindergarten.

Can you fail kindergarten in South Carolina?

Yes, students are still expected to attend 50 percent or more of the instructional school day to be considered present. Students who fail to attend 50 percent or more of the instructional day are considered absent.

What does K mean in Sims?

SEN Support
Special Educational Needs (SEN) From September 2014 any pupils recorded with SEN should be added to the SEN Register using the new codes for Education, Health & Care Plans (E) and SEN Support (K).

What does AA mean in attendance?

AA stands for Attendance Allowance.

What does P mean on the register?

Approved educational activity
P. Approved educational activity as pupil is attending an approved sporting activity. V. Approved education activity as pupil is away on an educational visit or trip. W.

What does G mean on the register?

G. Family holiday (not agreed) Unauthorised Absence.

What does P and V stand for?

Definition. P/V. Pressure/Volume. P/V. Peso sobre Volumen (Spanish: Volume Weight)

What does C mean in attendance?

C- Cut: Student intentionally missed class. V-Unverified: No response from responsible guardian about absence of student. U- Unexcused Absence: Used when other than a legal reason, as defined by Ed. Code, is given for student absence (family vacation, car problems)

How many days can a kid miss school in SC?

A child may typically have ten lawful absences from school each year. absences approved by the principal in advance for sports or band trips the student participates in. A child is typically considered a truant if he has three unlawful absences in a row or five unlawful absences in one year.

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