What does the term adjudication meaning?

Adjudication refers to the legal process of resolving a dispute or deciding a case. When a claim is brought, courts identify the rights of the parties at that particular moment by analyzing what were, in law, the rights and wrongs of their actions when they occurred.

What does administrative adjudication mean?

Administrative adjudication proceedings are formal adversarial proceedings conducted by an administrative law judge, who issues a recommended decision to the CFPB director. The director issues a final decision, either adopting or modifying the administrative law judge’s recommended decision.

What is adjudication of insolvency?

The judgment or decree of a court having jurisdiction, that a person against whom a petition in bankruptcy has been filed, or who has filed his voluntary petition, be ordered and adjudged to be a bankrupt.

What is adjudication in law?

the act of judging a case, competition, or argument, or of making a formal decision about something: The legality of the transaction is still under adjudication (= being decided) in the courts.

Why is adjudication important?

Advantages of Adjudication/Litigation. Though adjudication is an adversarial process, it can produce some clear benefits over other options for dispute resolution (i.e. ADR). Proponents of adjudication argue that the process produces more fair and consistent decisions than alternative dispute resolution processes.

What are some antonyms for adjudicate?

antonyms for adjudicate

  • hesitate.
  • defer.
  • dodge.
  • ignore.
  • not judge.

What is another word for adjudicate?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for adjudicate, like: decide, settle, arbitrate, defer, judge, rule, dodge, resolve, law, litigate and mediate.

What is a synonym for the word adjudicate?

judge, referee, rule (on), settle, umpire.

What is the opposite of adjudicate?

Opposite of to arbitrate or act as a judge. defer. dodge. hesitate. ignore.

What is a bedsit?

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What does définitions de adjudication mean?

Définitions#N#de adjudication. Attribution par l’Administration d’un marché public à l’entrepreneur ou au fournisseur qui, au terme d’une procédure publique de mise en concurrence, offre le plus bas prix. Attribution d’un bien mis aux enchères par le juge ou l’officier ministériel qui procède à la vente.

What is the Canadian equivalent of a bedsit?

The Canadian and American equivalents to a bedsit are rooming houses and single room occupancy (SRO). They are similar to studio apartments in their self-contained nature. The Australian equivalent to bedsit is called flatette.

What is a bedsit in the naked civil servant?

Much of the action described in Quentin Crisp ‘s 1968 autobiography, The Naked Civil Servant, takes place in a London bedsit. Bedsits are often associated with poor people, and are mentioned in this way in ” Late Lament ” by The Moody Blues: “bedsitter people look back and lament/another day’s useless energy spent”.


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