What does the phrase apple pie mean?

Definition of apple-pie 1 : excellent, perfect apple-pie order. 2 : of, relating to, or characterized by traditionally American values (such as honesty or simplicity) is the epitome of apple-pie wholesomeness.

What does motherhood and apple pie mean?

used to represent things that most Americans consider to be very good and important: For some Americans, low taxes and small government are as sacred as motherhood and apple pie. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Informal words for good.

Does apple pie mean perfect?

Apple-pie definition Of, relating to, or marked by values regarded as distinctively American. Perfect; exemplary.

Who coined the phrase as American as apple pie?

In 1902, a newspaper article wrote that “no pie-eating people can be permanently vanquished.” A 1924 advertisement appearing in the Gettysburg Times promotes “New Lestz Suits that are as American as apple pie.” And by World War II, Upton writes, the association was cemented.

Where does the phrase apple pie order come from?

The earliest known use was by Sir Thomas Pasley in his work, Private Sea Journals, from 1780: “Their Persons Clean and in apple-Pie order on Sundays.” Most believe that apple-pie order is a corruption of a French phrase, either nappe-pliée, which means folded napkin, or cap-à-pie, which means head to foot.

Where did the term motherhood and apple pie come from?

The earliest occurrence of the phrase motherhood and apple pie that I have found is from the column Making ’em Dance, by Jim Dance, published in The Miami Herald (Miami, Florida) of Sunday 15th April 1956: It isn’t a habit I wish to foster, but perhaps I should explain myself on the subject of baseball.

Is apple pie American or British?

Apple pie is a longstanding symbol of America, but the dessert didn’t actually come from America, and neither did the apples. Apples are native to Asia, and have been in America about as long as Europeans have.

Is apple pie English or American?

What is the meaning of idiom apple of one’s eye?

Definition of the apple of someone’s eye : a person or thing that someone loves very much His daughter is the apple of his eye.

Can we say cutie pie to a boy?

Cutie pie is a term of endearment and affection that’s especially used to refer to or to address young children, much like sweetheart, sweetie, or darling. You can call a young child a cutie pie or you can address a young child as cutie pie, as in Hey, cutie pie!

What does it mean to call someone sugar plum?

sweetheart, darling
Sugar-plum definition Term of endearment; sweetheart, darling. noun.

What does calling someone sweet pea mean?

sweet pea (plural sweet peas) A flowering plant, Lathyrus odoratus, grown for its bright colours and sweet fragrance. (colloquial) A term of endearment for something sweet or lovely; a child or an intimate partner, for example.

Who puts cheese on apple pie?

The so-called “American” tradition of serving apple pie with cheddar cheese is prevalent in New England and the upper midwest. Don’t knock it till you try it, though—there’s a reason so many people swear by this combination.

Why do cheese and apples go together?

The multitude of varieties of both apples and cheese allow flavors to roam freely and our imaginations to run wild when deciding on how to pair these two foods. Anything goes with cheese and apples, as they offer the perfect marriage of sweet and savory.

How and why was the phrase as American as apple pie created?

The phrase was first used in the early 1800s but didn’t become widely known until World War II, when it became common for soldiers to say “for mom and apple pie” when speaking to journalists about why they had enlisted. From then on, the phrase “as American as apple pie” has been used for anything deemed patriotic.

How would you describe an apple pie?

An apple pie is a pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apples.The earliest printed recipe is from England.Apple pie is often served with whipped cream, ice cream (“apple pie à la mode”), or cheddar cheese. It is generally double-crusted, with pastry both above and below the filling; the upper crust may be solid or latticed (woven of crosswise strips).

Is an Apple Pie Bad for You?

While apples are quite healthy-they’re loaded with fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants-coating them with sugar and dumping them in a buttery crust does change things a bit. Plus, apple pies normally come with double crusts, which means more calories. As for pumpkin pie, here we start with a vegetable (yay!).

Does apple pie taste like apples?

The original recipes for cracker pie likely mimicked the flavour of apples because of the acidic qualities of early soda crackers. Apples contain malic acid, which makes them sour. The lemon juice and grated zest combined with the soda in cracker dough would have mimicked the flavour of cooked apples.

What does American apple pie mean to you?

What does apple-pie mean? Of or characteristic of certain values, as wholesomeness or decency, esp. when regarded as being particularly American.

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