What does the Emory logo mean?

Symbolizing the University’s two functions, to discover and proclaim knowledge, they are encircled by the University’s motto, “Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam” (“The prudent heart will possess knowledge”). This motto, drawn from Proverbs 18:15, was first incorporated into Emory symbols in 1890.

What does Emory name mean?

home strength, Industrious Leader
Emory (/ˈɛməriː/ EM-ə-ree) is a common English language masculine given name variant of Emery, of Old German origin (meaning “home strength, Industrious Leader”). Emory is also a common English language surname.

What does Emory mean in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Emory? Emory is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Germanic. Emory name meanings is Powerfully courageous.

Is Emory a girl’s name?

The name Emory is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of American origin. She might get nail jokes her whole life (think Emery board), but a child will find this name is neat, easy to pronounce, and able to fit in with the crowd.

Is Emory elite?

Over the years, Emory has established itself as an elite private school, with achievements in the sciences and the humanities. Today, the school operates with a $7.94 billion endowment, allowing it to blaze new trails in various fields.

What is Emory’s mascot?

Swoop the Eagle
Dooley the Skeleton
Emory University/Mascot

What does Emory mean in French?

Emory is French Boy name and meaning of this name is “Powerfully Courageous”.

Is Emory a Hebrew name?

Now let’s learn how to say Emory in Hebrew language….אמורי.

English Hebrew
Emory אמורי

What is Emory’s motto?

Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam
They are encircled by the university’s motto, “Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam” (“The prudent heart will possess knowledge”).

What do you call Emory students?

They are called Archibald, Awesome, Azul, Baldwin, Beaker, Big Stuff, and Clawed Z. At E we find a veritable aerie—Eddie, Eli, Ellsworth, Eppy, and Ernie (I and II, for Bridgewater College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University).

What does the name Amory mean?

Amory is a gender-neutral name of English and German origins, meaning “home strength” and “home-ruler.” This sweet-sounding name is also said to derive from the French “Amauri,” meaning “work ruler” or “diligent ruler.” Armed with a powerful etymology, this name is a no-brainer for a parent looking to build resiliency …

What does Emory mean in Latin?

Meaning and Origin of: Emery The name Emery is of Latin origin and means “loving”.

How common is the name Emory?

Emory Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
1924 371 0.0194%
1925 352 0.0204%
1926 405 0.0165%
1927 400 0.0169%

What does Amory mean in Hebrew?

He who carries a burden
“He who carries a burden,” from the Hebrew.

What does ebony name mean?

deep black wood
Meaning:deep black wood. Ebony as a girl’s name is of Latin, Greek and Egyptian origin meaning “deep black wood”. It is the name of the wood known for its color.

What does the name Emery mean for a girl?

Industrious; Power
Meaning:Industrious; Power. Emery is a gender-neutral name of British origin, introduced in the UK by the Normans towards the end of the Middle Ages. It means “industrious” or “powerful,” two strong traits any parent would be proud to see baby embody!

Who is responsible for the use of Emory’S names and logos?

Creation and governance of the use of Emory’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the Office of University Communications and Marketing’s brand team. Questions?

What does Emory mean?

Emory as a boys’ name is of Old German derivation, and the name Emory means “brave power”. Emory is a version of Emery (Old German): transferred use of the surname. Variations.

What is on the coat of arms of Emory University?

The coat of arms has the torch and trumpet crossed on the shield, much as we see them today, with the lamp of learning above the shield and the motto underneath. This historical Emory design integrates an earlier rendering of the torch and trumpet as well as the Emory wordmark.

Can I combine the Emory logo with text or shape?

Per logo use standards, combining the Emory shield in a shape or with text is altering an Emory logo and is not in line with logo use standards. For additional information please see logo use standards.

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