What does ST elevation in aVL mean?

ST elevation in aVL and V2 through V5 signifies left anterior descending artery occlusion proximal to the first diagonal branch (positive predictive value [PPV] and negative predictive value [NPV] of 95% and 94%, respectively).

What lead is aVL on ECG?

AVL is on the left wrist or shoulder and looks at the upper left side of the heart. Lead l travels towards AVL creating a second high lateral lead. AVf is on the left ankle or left lower abdomen and looks at the bottom, or inferior wall, of the heart.

What leads for ST elevation?

There is ST elevation in leads V1-V2 and ST depression with T wave inversion in the inferolateral leads. An electrocardiogram of a patient with atypical form of ST elevation secondary to left ventricular hypertrophy. ST elevation is present in leads I, aVL, V1-V2.

Which artery is showing occlusion when leads I and aVL have ST segment elevation?

ST elevation in I and aVL signifies: Occlusion of a short LAD coronary artery before the first diagonal branch (if there is ST elevation in V2–V4).

What does AVL mean?


Acronym Definition
AVL Approved Vendor List
AVL Audio Video Library
AVL Adelson-Velskii and Landis (balanced binary tree)
AVL Audio Visual Lighting

Is AVL an inferior lead?

aVL is the reciprocal lead to the inferior leads in inferior STEMI. Similarly, lead III may move reciprocally, showing ST segment depression in the high lateral STEMI with elevation in aVL.

Is aVL an inferior lead?

Which coronary artery is most likely occluded in a patient with ST elevations in I aVL V5 and V6?

ECG Findings Inferolateral STEMI presents with ST-elevation involving lateral (I, aVL, V5, V6) and inferior leads (II, III, aVF): This is usually seen with occlusion of the proximal LCx artery.

Which location of the MI can be found with the lead I aVL V5 and V6 lead?

The septum is represented on the ECG by leads V1 and V2, whereas the lateral wall is represented by leads V5, V6, lead I and lead aVL.

How accurate is AVL?

AVL is usually accurate to within thirty feet of a bus’s location, which is adequate for transit but may not be precise enough for other applications of GPS tracking, including military applications.

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