What does Inseal mean?

1 obsolete. a : to impress (as a document) with or as if with a seal. b : ratify. 2 archaic : to seal up (as a box or house)

What does basala mean?

1a : relating to, situated at, or forming the base. b : arising from the base of a stem basal leaves.

What does Untolled mean?

untolled (not comparable) On which no toll is charged. (rare, poetic) Not having been tolled; unrung.

What is the meaning of Pattukal?

Translation of “”portokali”,” in English comes from the Greek word “portokali”, which means “orange”.

What is basal origin?

Basal comes from the word base, from the Latin basis, “foundation,” via the Greek basis, “step or pedestal.”

What is meant by basal activity?

The basal activity of the receptor, and its ability to activate intracellular signaling pathways, is defined by the probability that a fraction of the receptor adopts the active state in the absence of ligand.

What is basal in Palawan?

Basal (gong) The set of one or two big gongs, agung, and a pair of small ringed gongs, sanang, hang from the wall plates, while the drum, gimbal, rests on the lateral platform ready to be played, mainly at dusk and at night time.

Is Basal from base?

Basal or basilar is a term meaning base, bottom, or minimum.

What is a normal basal blood glucose level?

Normal blood glucose levels are between 4.0–7.8mmol/L.

What is basal in biology?

In phylogenetics, basal is the direction of the base (or root) of a rooted phylogenetic tree or cladogram. The term may be more strictly applied only to nodes adjacent to the root, or more loosely applied to nodes regarded as being close to the root.

What is the origin of kudyapi?

This instrument was made in Palawan, a group of islands forming the western part of the Visayan Archipeligo of the Philippines, in Southeast Asia. It is thought to have been about 50 years old at the time of donation so was possibly made between 1940-1950.

What is basal level?

The basal level (also called the floor level) and the ceiling level are components of the termination criteria used in Binet-type individually administered adaptive tests that are used to measure IQ in educational and other settings.

What is a basal in anatomy?

Basal (anatomy), an anatomical term of location for features associated with the base of an organism or structure. Basal (medicine), a minimal level that is necessary for health or life, such as a minimum insulin dose. Basal (phylogenetics), a sister group relationship in a phylogenetic tree.

What does basal mean in physiology?

pertaining to the lowest possible level
[ba´sal] pertaining to or situated near a base; in physiology, pertaining to the lowest possible level.

Who is the Chinese god of anger?


Simplified Chinese 龚工
Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Gōnggōng Wade–Giles Kung1-kung1 IPA [kʊ́ŋ.kʊ́ŋ] Yue: Cantonese Jyutping Gung1-gung1 Middle Chinese Middle Chinese kɨoŋ-kuŋ
Chinese 康回

What is a basal test?

A basal rate test is done when you haven’t taken any bolus insulin, and when you haven’t had any food for the last 5 hours. This is to find out how much sugar is coming from your liver, and how well your insulin is matched to this sugar at different times of the day.

How do you find your basal score?

The Harris-Benedict Equation is often used to estimate basal metabolic rate.

  1. Men: BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x weight in kg) + (4.799 x height in cm) – (5.677 x age in years)
  2. Women: BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kg) + (3.098 x height in cm) – (4.330 x age in years)
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